Wazifa And Dua To Prevent Eyes From Sins

Allah (SWT) has made it mandatory for every Muslim Momin to avoid doing sins from all body organs. Even human eyes play a vital role in it. Yes, you are ordered not to commit any sins with your eyes and you do have guidance and duas to prohibit you from committing sins from your naked eyes.

Dua To Prevent Eyes From Sins

So, if you think that someone might influence you and you could commit a sin through your eyes, then you should avoid it. You should recite the dua to prevent eyes from sins. When you recite the dua to prevent eyes from sins, you will see that even satan tries to influence you through his act you can easily prevent your eyes.

For those of you who are always surrounded by people who commit sins, it gets quite tough to avoid such a scenario. However, when you recite the wazifa to prevent eyes from sins, you will see that you will be free from committing such a sin. No one will have the power to force you to commit such a sin.

Wazifa to prevent eyes from sins

The wazifa to prevent eyes from sins is given below –

  • Recite Ayat-ul-kursi till Walaa yaoo Duhuu and then recite “Hifzuhuma” 12 times
  • Make a blow on both your thumbs and then rub on both your eyes.
  • In sha Allah, you will see that your eyes shall not commit any sin in the coming future.
  • It will avoid being a part of vulgar and bad stuff and you will not have interest in any such stuff.

Often we watch television and see films and vulgar songs. Well, these are not allowed in Islam and obviously, people are committing sin by watching it. They are committing severe foul against the teaching of Islam and surely they will have to pay for it. However, when you recite the dua, Allah (swt) will help you resist the addiction of watching television and you shall have no urge to watch it.

Amal to prevent eyes from sins

Watching porn is the biggest sin in Islam and most of the Muslims are committing it. They are not stopping. They have just lost the fear of Allah (swt) and judgment day. Well, you need to make a redemption. It is still not late. If you do tauba and the amal to prevent eyes from sins, it will prohibit your eyes from further watching such videos then you shall be on the right path and never commit any sin with your eyes. Just recite the amal to prevent eyes from sins and you will see that you will live a normal and holy life. In case you still can’t resist and you want to get rid of this habit of yours at any cost then seek help of an Islamic professional. They will provide you with taweez to prevent eyes from sins. 

Taweez To Prevent Eyes From Sins

The taweez to prevent eyes from sins will bind you with the good and help you resist watching the bad along with others or alone. So, just talk to him and share your problem and you shall be guided in the best possible manner. Recite the dua in the right way and you will see that it will show its impact on you.

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