Dua To Get Married To A Specific Person – Dua For Love Marriage

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Dua To Get Married To A Specific Person

Are you scared to share your feelings with the person you love? Do you want to marry someone you like in your heart? Do you have a crush on someone and you want to settle down with him/her in your life? If your answer is yes, then dua to get married to a specific person is all you need. Allah Miyan has given boys and girls the freedom to choose their life partner, provided he/she should be a Muslim and they should have the consent of their parents for marriage.

So, with the help of this dua, you can marry anyone you like. Though love marriages are allowed in Islam, our society doesn’t support it. If you want the support of your parents and society for your love marriage, then you should make dua for love marriage in Islam. The dua will make their hearts melt and they will come in the favor of your love marriage. Do not be in despair, Insha Allah, things will get better for you.

Dua For Love Marriage In Islam

If you literally haven’t found anyone suitable for you to date and you don’t think any compatible proposals have come your way, then dua to find someone to get married to is the best solution for you. Insha Allah, with the blessings of this dua, feasible and compatible proposals will come your way or you may find someone to fall in love with. The dua to find someone to get married to will bring to you your soul mate! It will only bring the proposal which is suitable for you. So practice the dua with great compassion and devotion.

Whether you love someone or simply adore a person and would want to spend your life with them, the dua to get married to a specific person will allow them to come to you on their own and confess their feelings for you. Surely this will bring a change of heart in that person and he/ she will start thinking differently for you. You can get the procedure of dua for love marriage in Islam from our molvi sb. He will give you the right steps to make this dua in the correct manner.

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Dua To Find Someone To Get Married

Dua to get married to a specific person is given below:

  • Practice the dua after the namaz of Maghrib for 11 days.
  • Recite “Wa La Ta mudunna Ainaika Ila Maa Matta Naa Bihi Azwajam Minhum Zahratal Hayatid Duniya Le Naftanahum Fihi Wa Rizqo Rabbika Khairun Wa Abqa Wa Mur Ahlaka Bis Salati Was Tabir Alayha Laa Nas Aloka Rizqa Nahno Narzooqoka Wal A’aqebato Littaqwa” 111 times.
  • Then make dua to Allah talah to help you marry the person you want as soon as possible.

Insha Allah, within sometimes you will get the good news of proposal from their side. If you don’t get this good news in 11 days, then you should instantly come to our molvi sb. for customized help.

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