Surah Dua For Finding True Love

Dua For True Love

Everybody needs a true partner in his life. A partner with whom he can spend his entire life peacefully. Getting true love is not easy very few people are able to get true love in their life. Dua for true love will be very beneficial for all those people who want to get true love in their life. There are some unlucky people who lost their true love. In the starting when they get true love they don’t realize the importance of true love. Once they lost their true love then, they start to realize how much importance does true love have in their life. Dua for finding true love will be beneficial for all those people who want to get true love back in their lives.

There are some people who spent their entire life but still, they are not able to get true love. Their lives become very dull. Such people can take the help of dua to find true love in Islam. When we love someone we try to give our love and attraction to that person. But sometimes our partner does not give us love and attraction in return. So in such cases, we can perform dua for true love.

Dua To Find True Love

There are some people who don’t get a choice of choosing their partner while getting married. If you are also one of those who want to get married to a person you love but your parents are denying or not listening you then you can recite powerful surah for love marriage. This surah will be also useful for married women who are looking to get the love of their husband. 

  1. Firstly read Durood Shareef 25 times.
  2. After that read this surah for love marriage-“Hasbunallahu wa naymal vakeel”.
  3. Read this dua 1036 times.
  4. After that read Surah Kafiroon 24 times.
  5. After that read Sixth Kalma 14 times.
  6. Perform this dua for 10 days. 

If you really miss your ex-lover a lot and wish to bring him/her back in your life at any cost, then rather than trying worldly remedies, you should use our dua for true love. The surah has the power to melt the heart of your lover and bring him/her back to you. Insha Allah, you will regain your lost love. The surah will make your lover come to you on their own and you will not have to do anything about it.

Surah For Love Marriage

Surah for Love Marriage

Love is a sweet experience but things turn bitter when your lover leaves you in the middle and walks out of the relationship. If you miss your lover and crave his/her presence in your life, then the best way is to make surah for love marriage. The dua will bring your ex-lover back in your life and make your love stronger than before.

If your lover has broken your heart and left you for someone else then it might have shattered you down. But if you still want to give your relationship a new beginning, then powerful dua for lost love will do it for you. Make the dua to get love back and it will make your lover realize their mistake. They will come to you and will apologize for their doings. Insha Allah, the dua to get lost love back immediately will revive your love story in the best possible manner. And wipe out all the problems from it.

Dua for Good Relationship

If your lover has left you and now you crave a true lover in your life, then the best option is to ask Allah Miyan for it. You should recite dua for getting love back and surely the Almighty will bring someone in your life who will be your soul mate. At times you are bound to meet foul people in your life, but when you make dua to get back love, Allah Talah will only bring to you a good and pious partner. So, feel free and get the procedure of powerful dua to get love. Insha Allah, soon the situation will come in your favor and your ex-lover will come back to you and love you like before, or even more!

Dua for true love is given below:

  • Make fresh ablution and wake up at Tahajjud.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Read Surah Fatiha 11 times
  • Recite “Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah o Akbar” 111 times.
  • Then recite Durood Shareef 11 times. 
  • Now think of your ex-lover and blow on his imaginary face. Take their name as many times and ask them to come back to you.
  • Pray to Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala to send your lover back to you!
  • Do this procedure for 7 days without any gap.
  • Insha Allah, after some time your lover back come back to you.

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