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Darood Tanjeena Benefits For Marriage


A large number of people are looking for a nice solution to convince their parents of their love interest. Parents do not seem to acknowledge the liking of their kids initially. It is a sure way when you’re in desperate need of relief. Darood Tanjeena wazifa for marriage is highly beneficial to people looking for a suitable Rishta for marriage or whose marriage and engagement have been broken and who are looking for a good relationship.

Darood Tanjeena Benefits For Marriage

  1. Allah protects the reciter in all of his challenging phases of life. This Darood assists us in staying away from our enemies
  2. It aids in the treatment of various forms of diseases, including epidemics and other wild diseases.
  3. It brings the serenity of mind and spirit.
  4. It aids in the recovery from anxiety and sadness.
  5. Darood Tanjeena grants a believer success if he fails repeatedly. 

The person who recites Darood Tanjeena in any hardship, whether it be any form of suffering or illness, Allah will reduce that suffering and complete the person’s request or aim.

Darood Tanjeena For Marriage

Remember you should recite the darood tanjeena 100 times to the one you love with pure intent and complete sincerity. Try to convince your parents as much as possible, but you shouldn’t really force them against their will. But, if you really can’t live without your lover, then you have no other option. Just find out the best prayer of how to convince your parents to agree to love marriage and practice it.

Here is the procedure of Darood Tanjeena For Marriage-

  • Make fresh ablution before you go to bed at night. And sit on your bed and recite this.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 7 times, then recite the dua given below:

Rabbana Hab Lana Min Azwajina Wadhuriyya Yatina Qurrata Aina Waja Alana Lil Muttaqueena Imama” 51 times

  • Then recite Durood Shareef in the end 7 times.
  • Think of your lover and your parent and ask Allah Talah to create understanding and love between them and to make your parents understand your love and agree to your marriage
  • Insha Allah, soon you will get desired results. 

Darood Tanjeena Wazifa 100 Times Meaning

“Allaahumma Sallaa Alaa Saayye Denaa Muhammadeenn Salatan Tanjeena

     Beha Min Jamii Il Aehwaale Waal Aafaate Wa Taaqdi Lanaa Behaa

    Jaami Al Haajaate Waatu taahheruna Beehaa Min Jamie Issaaye Aate

   Waa tarfauunaa Behaa Indaaka Aalad Daraajaate Waatu Ballegunaa

   Behaa Aksal Gaayate Min Jamii Il Khairaate Fil Hayate Wabaa Daal Mamaate.”

Darood Tanjeena Wazifa in English – “O Allah, Send upon our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam (pbuh) a prayer through which you safeguard us from all terrors and tribulations and through which you fulfill our every need and through which you purify us from every sin and through which you raise us to the loftiest of degrees in your presence and through which you cause us to reach the furthest limit in all forms of goodness, in this life and after death.”

One can perform Darood Tanjeena wazifa for marriage on any day or at any hour; the only criterion is to avoid the time of Zawal (noon). So, without worrying about how to convince your parents to agree to love marriage, just practice what our Molvi Sahab. has prescribed you to, and Insha Allah, you will get successful.

If you want your parents to happy with your happiness, then you should make a darood tanjeena for marriage, and Insha Allah, your parents will be happy with your choice. They will readily agree to your marriage with your lover. If you want your marriage to take place as soon as possible, then you should read the darood tanjeena benefits for marriage.

Marrying the person you love is the best feeling in the world. However, not everyone is as lucky as you. Often people face a lot of problems in their love marriage. It may be because of the denial from their parents or hesitation in front of society etc. If you’ve been a victim of this, then do not lose heart. You can recite the darood tanjeena for marriage.

First of all, To convince your parents for love marriage you need to understand the darood tanjeena benefits for marriage. Often one of the lovers is very much interested in getting married, but the other one seems to have no interest. If you’re facing such kind of problem and your lover demands more time or space, then you can perform the darood tanjeena 100 times.

The darood tanjeena for marriage is one of the most effective remedies to help lovers easily get married. You can easily seek guidance from an Islamic scholar and get their help for your matter. The Islamic scholar will prescribe necessary things and tell you the darood tanjeena benefits for marriage that can help you marry your lover in a short span of time.

If you like someone, but the other person has no hint about it, then do not worry. You have to perform the Islamic prayer for love marriage. And, when you perform the darood tanjeena 1000 times, you will see that automatically the person will start taking interest in you, and very soon they will send a marriage proposal for you on their own. You will not have to do anything in this matter. So, do not lose hope just confide in the totka and do as directed. 

The dua will change their heart and they will be happy with your choice. They will never stand against you but will be supportive. If you love someone and you want to marry only that person, then Islam has a remedy for that too. Once your crush has agreed, you can perform darood tanjeena for marriage to make your parents agree for your love marriage and make things work according to you.

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