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Powerful Dua To Forget Someone You Love Completely(100% Effective)


We all have good and bad aspects in our past life. There is something in everyone’s past that haunts their present and future. We all have had some negative people in life whose impact is always harmful. People who have hurt us in any way are hard to forget and the feelings of pain become a burden for a lifetime. To let go of that hurt, the Islamic dua to forget someone you love is the most helpful thing.

Holding onto the hurt or painful memories of the past is the most harmful thing in life. The people we loved in any way are the most common reasons behind this pain or hurt. The dua to forget someone you love is a way that will help in getting rid of all the hurtful memories of the past.

If you are interested in knowing how to forget someone you love, you can take the help of Islamic prayers. The wazifa to forget someone is a way to forget the ugly past in life. We all need to learn how to forget a person or a memory that will help us in moving on in life.

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Wazifa To Forget Someone

Another way to find out how to forget someone you love is a wazifa to forget someone. Just like the dua to forget someone for this purpose, the wazifa to forget someone will help you in forgetting the person you intend to. How to forget a person or someone you love is the first step in moving on to a good future.

If you have been cheated on by someone, we understand the feeling of betrayal. This betrayal can come from any person in any relationship in life. The most common cause of why people need to find out how to forget a person completely is when the betrayal comes from a lover. People feel that they will never be able to find true love again.

How Does Islam Help You Forget Someone You Love Deeply?

It is possible to forget someone you care deeply about by following these steps:

  • Don’t give up hope, Have Faith and always remember to be thankful. We should change the subject from what we have lost to what we have gained and concentrate on it instead. When we sacrifice one item, we can replace it with something better.
  • Always keep Allah in mind, as doing so will bring you peace. When we dedicate our hearts to Allah and remember Him frequently, we discover great peace. Recalling Allah through the Quran, simply talking to him (Dua), remembrance (Dhikr), and prayer are all important aspects of Islam that we must never overlook.
  • Everything takes place for a purpose that will become clear in the future. Because Allah knows they were not good for you, he does not want you to continue dating that person if they break up with you. Instead, he wants to reward you with more joy in your life and rescue you from continuing a relationship that would bring you nothing but pain. Whatever occurs, it will always work out for our benefit.

Dua For Someone To Forget Something

The wazifa to forget someone is to bring hope in the life of any betrayed person. Islamic Dua for someone to forget the person you love will help you in forgetting the betrayal and will teach you how to forget someone you love.

Another powerful Dua for someone to forget something is the Ayat-Ul-Kursi. Since Allah S.W.T.’s name is on the Ayat-Ul-Kursi and it can make one forget another. When you want to forget about someone, you should recite the Ayat-Ul-Kursi one hundred one times before and after doing any Durood Pak.

  • Do a complete ablution.
  • Recite your prayers five times
  • If you need help, recite two Rakah Nafil Namaz to Allah SWT.
  • Get started with Bismillah.
  • Ask Allah (SwT) for assistance by saying a prayer (Dua to forget someone you love).
  • Astaghfirullah must be said a hundred times.
  • Dress in clean clothing.
  • Let’s have a seat in the spotless area
  • You must be seated on the prayer mat while reciting your dua to forget someone completely
  • You’ll need to recite Durood Pak hundred times.
  • Give Sadaqah and see Immediate Benefits.
  • You need to have a clear goal in mind when you recite wazifa.
  • Needs to hide his tears from Allah SWT.
  • Go on your knees and beg Allah (SWT) to make a transformation in your soul.

Dua To Forget Someone Completely

We are now going to tell you the process of how to forget the person you love, with the use of wazifa or dua to forget someone. The process mentioned in the steps below will teach you how to forget love by instinct.

  • Make sure to take a shower before this dua to forget someone you love clean yourself properly.
  • Perform the obligatory namaaz that you perform every day 5 times.
  • After completing the namaz, you have to chant a verse. The verse is:

Allaahu Kaafi Waa Nih Imaal Waa Aala Hamdoo Kafiniyal Omar Tomas Romanaty Domantas Godey Keefe Jodi.

  • Chant this verse 100 times with correct pronunciation.
  • End the process of this ritual with 3 recitations of Durood Shareef.
  • Ask for Allah’s mercy and power so that you forget all the bad memories of the past.

If you have any doubts about this process, do not hesitate in contacting our Maulvi Sahab Peer Muhammad Qadri Ji. He will help you with the best methods so that you can have a happy and bright future.

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