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If you are looking for the best astrologers near you then your search end here. We welcome our visitors to our portal – Surah Dua. We take enormous pride in introducing you with our internationally famous Maulana Sahib – Pir Muhammad Qadri Ji. He is, at present in all parts of the world, one of the most famous and knowledgeable Muslim astrologers and Surah specialists. Our Maulana Sahib has spent all his life till now in serving the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. He has adroitly served all spheres of life for decades with the help of knowledge and experience in the field of Islamic Astrological Solutions.

Our well known and reliable love problem specialist Astrologer is an expert in solving all types of relationship and love related issues. Islam is the most practical way to lead life. If you will use the remedies mentioned in the Quran and Hadees every day, all problems will be gone soon. In this regard, Astrologer Maulana Sahib Pir Mohammad Qadri Ji will help you. He uses Muslim astrology techniques such as – Ibadat Prayers, Istikhara, Dua, Wazifa, Amal, Totke, etc to reduce your problems.

So, Muslim astrology is the perfect answer for all kinds of problems that you face in your every day lives & our Maulana Sahib is the most reliable and right source to connect to these authentic solutions!

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We are a proud online portal that strives day and night to help our brothers and sisters who are in troubles. We introduce them with solutions that can help them in changing their lives. Islamic solutions can make your life better and peaceful. We aim to spread these remedies to all parts of the world so that believers can suffer less. Whether you have fallen in love but unable to marry him or her or you are facing a hard time in clearing exams or interview to get a good job, or you want to pregnant or maybe a divorce, it all can happen smoothly without any efforts. Just reach & we will be happy to help you! JazakAllah!

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Dua is a gateway to find the mercy and blessings of Allah Subhan Wa Ta’ala. It is powerful enough to change your destiny or Qadr and to grant with all the required blessings in life. It keeps your heart clean and humble. Dua helps the Muslim in receiving whatever they seek from Allah. Here, you can find all types of dua which will make your requirements perfectly. Explore the website now!

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It is procedure to achieve blessing from Allah S.W.T. for some particular work. If you feel due to some reasons, you are not able to achieve your goals and desires, then you can perform a wazifa for a specific reason & Insha Allah very soon you’ll achieve the desired results out of it! You can consult us to get the wazifa for any situation or requirement.

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Amal basically means the good and bad deed we perform in our lifetime. When we perform, good deeds as per the Sunnahs of our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W., we receive fulfilment of our desires in return of it. To know the right amal for the fulfilment of a particular hajat on your mind, you can contact us.

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Taweez is an Islamic locket which works as a lucky charm for many of our brothers and sisters. No matter whatever situation or trouble you are into, there’s a taweez that can be made for it to get you out of the mess. The taweez can be worn by the person or kept near him or her, to cast its affect on the concerned person, place, animal or thing. Contact us, to get authentic taweez for your troubles.

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The vashikaran and totke astrological arts are a part of the Islamic astrology. These totke helps you in convincing a specific person or a particular situation to fall in your favour. It helps you in winning complete authority or control in life. Reach us, to get the best totka method techniques mentioned in Islamic Scriptures.

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It is beneficial prayer to achieve goodness and welfare in life. It is basically a consultation prayer to seek the expert advice of our beloved creator – Allah S.W.T. If you are hesitant, confused or lost somewhere in your life then seek advice from the best of the best planners – Allah Ta’ala. We can help you in performing istikhara in the rightful manner so that you can get the best advice on all matters.

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Pilers Of Strong


The first pillar is for the followers of Islam to testify that – “There is no other God but Allah and that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. is his messenger.”


The second pillar of Islam is to offer or perform the Salat or Namaz i.e. the ritual prayers five times a day, in the Sunnah way.


The third pillar of Islam means charity or alms. The believers must pay zakat or their alms to help and benefit the weaker section of the society or the needy ones.


The Fourth pillar of Islam means fasting. The believers must fast during the month of Ramadan which is usually of 29 or 30 days.


The last pillar of Islam is Pilgrimage. The believers who can manage and financially afford, must pilgrimage to Mecca, at least once in lifetime.

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Main Sources of Islamic Remedies

The major two sources of teaching and guidance in Islam is – The Holy Quran and The Authentic Hadith. Since it is very difficult to interpret and understand these sources for many people in its original form, therefore many great scholars and astrologers have written books on Islamic solutions, Istikhara methods, Astrological remedies in Islam, etc. to help and serve the people. We, at Surah Dua, aim to deliver you with the most accurate solutions for your problems from the major sources of astrological remedies mentioned in the Holy books of Islam. Be it, marriage problem, love issues, financial crisis, career and job problems, etc. we can provide you with solutions for every problem. Try us now!

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