Wazifa For Love Problem Solution

A relationship based on love is not always a path of roses. A relationship has is good and bad times which are to be endured by the people involved in it. The relationship of two lovers binds them so that they be with each other through every thick and thin. To solve all the disputes and issues of the relation, wazifa for love problem is highly beneficial and helpful.

Wazifa For Love Problem

Wazifa for love problems is a way through which people can solve all the issues they have with their lover. The complications between people can bring a lot of stress in life. A relationship is considered successful only when the lovers emerge successful after going through all these complications.

  • First, perform the mandatory prayer. Then, recite Ayat Al Kursi, also known as the Verse of the Throne.
  • When you reach the beginning of the verse, close the little finger on your right hand. Proceed with the Verse.
  • After the second section, “Qayyum,” close your right hand’s ring finger.
  • After reaching the third section, ” Nawamun,” closes your right hand’s middle finger.
  • When you reach the fourth section, “Ardi,” close the index finger of your right hand.
  • Consider your objective when reaching the Yashfa-U-Indahoo.
  • Close your right thumb when you reach the fifth section, “Illa-Bi-iznee.”
  • Consider your reason for visiting Ya-a-lamoo.
  • After reaching Khalfahum, shut the little finger of the left hand.
  • In the sixth section, Bima-Sha-a closes the left ring finger.
  • After reaching WalArd, the middle finger of the left hand should be closed.
  • Then, upon reaching Hifzuhooma, the left index finger should be closed.
  • When you reach the eleventh segment, close the left thumb.
  • After closing all of your fingers, recite Surah AlamNasrah three times. Send air into the sky.
  • Now recite Surah Al Fatiha while opening your fingers one by one in the same order as you closed them. After opening all of your fingers, blow on your hands and chest.
  • Raise your hands and pray to Allah Talah to accept the wazifa to solve the love marriage dilemma.

If you want your relationship to always be happy and successful, you should regularly recite the wazifa for love problems. Wazifa for all love problem solutions will help you in finding the solutions for all the disputes that occur between you and your partner.

Surah For Love Solution

Out of many love problems, not getting love and affection from your partner is one of the most common ones. Wazifa for love solution is a prayer that has the power to solve this biggest problem in a relationship. This wazifa will not only get rid of all the problems but also bring you and your lover closer. It will definitely help you in solving all the big and small problems of the relationship in your life.

A couple that has been in love has to face difficulties when they are together. If you think that the fights between you and your partner are increasing day by day then you need to pray to solve it. These fights sometimes make people distant from each other and this distance kills the love between them. The wazifa for love solution is a remedy that will change this situation completely. The wazifa for love problems solution is the best remedy for people who want to save their relationship from falling apart.

Wazifa For Husband Wife Problem Solution

A boyfriend and girlfriend feel a lot of pain when they face problems in their relationship. This pain intensifies when the struggle begins in a marital relationship of a husband and wife. We are now going to tell you how to perform the wazifa for husband wife problem solution to save your marriage. People who are not married can also perform this process to get rid of all the problems of their relationship.

Perform this wazifa for love problem according to the instructions given below. In addition, have a pure heart and faith in Allah when you perform the wazifa for love problem.

  • Perform a complete ablution and sit on your prayer mat. Make sure you are praying in an environment that is peaceful and clean.
  • Perform eleven rounds of Salah at the beginning.
  • Following this, You must read thirteen repetitions of Ayatul kursi.
  • Finally, ask Allah to accept your wishes with the wazifa to solve your love problem.
    Also, urge him to resolve all of your relationship or marriage issues.

To know more about this wazifa, you can contact our Maulvi Sahab for consultation. He will explain for how many days you have to perform this wazifa to get the best results as soon as possible.

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