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Dua For Unconditional One Sided Love In Islam


Thе pain of onе-sidеd lovе is only undеrstood by thosе who havе еxpеriеncеd it. In today’s world, onе-sidеd lovе is oftеn misundеrstood. Wе all know that wе cannot go against somеonе’s will. Whеn it comеs to lovе, it just happеns, but that doеsn’t mеan if thе pеrson wе lovе doеsn’t rеspond, wе should forcе thеm or takе thе wrong path. Allah has crеatеd us for good dееds. If your onе-sidеd lovе is truе, thеn Allah will surеly complеtе your lovе. Thе dua for onе sidеd lovе is madе for truе lovеrs.

In Islam, one-sided love itself is not considered haram or forbidden. Islam teaches how important it is to keep your limits and be humble. Islamic teachings say that showing love to only one person should be done with care and within certain limits.

While it’s okay to have feelings for someone, inappropriate actions or behaviors that go against Islamic principles, such as engaging in premarital relationships, should be avoided. So if you know your limits then one sided love is halal for you.

Love is a combination of two hearts, that is neither your heart’s fault nor your mind’s fault nor that of the person you love; that love falls on you. Love is not a crime. 

One-sided feeling of love happens to a lot of teenagers, but this can be a feeling of infatuation. But when a person understands that the feelings they have for someone are true love, they wish to find a method that will help them in changing their love situations. The dua for one sided love is a prayer helpful for one-sided lovers. 

Dua For One Sided Love

We all know how that a person has a higher chance of getting rejected when they make a one side love proposal. The wish of making their crush fall in love with them makes them think of a lot of options. Many people are unaware of the fact that the Holy Quran has some dua and wazifas for this purpose. The wazifa for one sided love in Urdu specifically is a powerful Islamic prayer.

Suppose your love for someone is unconditional and genuine for the individual in question. Let us imagine that you married the wonderful person you adored so much. But do you believe you and your partner will always be at peace and happy before marriage? Do not worry, my brothers and sisters; I have the strongest wazifa for one sided love, which can make your one side love a true romantic love story.

You can also read dua to make someone fall in love with you to get a specific person in your life.

Step by Step Procedure To Perform Wazifa To Make One Sided Love Successful

  • First, you need to perform obligatory prayers or namaz 5 times in a day.
  • After completing namaz read Surah Fatiha 51 times.
  • Now, make a dua to Allah “Inn Allaah Yusmiuu Manyashaauu” 41 times.
  • After that recite Tahajjud prayer (2 rakats are considered sufficient).
  • Follow this procedure for 41 days. Insha Allah your dua will come true soon.

Dua For Unconditional One Sided Love

Another way to find out how to make one sided love successful is the dua for one sided love. This dua is the best way to ensure that a person’s one-sided love proposal gets accepted. The dua for one-sided love is an effective way, and anyone can use it.

The dua for one-sided lovers is helpful for those who understand the pain of love problems. This wazifa is an Islamic prayer, and you should read it under particular circumstances. If you know the person you love is in love with someone else, you should not read this prayer. This dua should not affect another person’s love life.

If you want the dua to get love back in 3 days in Urdu, then you can consult our Islamic scholar. Our Molvi Ji. will provide you with the powerful dua to get your lost love back in your suitable language. You need to share the matter with Molvi Ji. And he will provide you with the best possible solution.

Dua For The One You Love The Most

The dua for the one you love is also helpful in making you learn how to make your one-sided love successful. It is a way of asking for Allah’s blessings to find true love in life. We have all heard that asking Allah for something you really want with a sincere and pure intention is the easiest thing to do. Read this prayer with the pure heart and Allah will listen your wish immediately.

The dua for one you love is also a remedy that will help you in developing the feeling of love in the heart of the person you deeply love. Follow the steps mentioned below to make your crush realize the feelings you have for them.

  • Before starting the procedure of dua or wazifa for one sided love, you have to wake up in the middle of the night.
  • And then, you have to take a bath and wear a fresh set of clothes.
  • Begin with praying 2 Raqah of Tahajjud Salah.
  • After the raq’ah, read Surah Yaseen once.
  • Make a dua for your love, and beg before Almighty Allah to give you true love in life.
  • You have to perform these dua or wazifa until you get the desired results you wish for.

This is the purest and most strong wazifa for one sided love that will resolve all your love-related issues that gave rise to Muslim religious authority. With the help of this powerful wazifa, we will have the power to attract anyone for monogamous love.

To seek more guidance for making your one-sided love successful, you can contact our Molvi Sahab.

  • To perform a ritual for achieving one-sided love, begin by cleansing yourself with a bath and performing ablution (Wuzu).
  • Then, recite Durood Shareef 19 times followed by Surah-Al-Fatima three times.
  • Keep the Holy Quran nearby for better and faster results.
  • Next, recite the following verse 119 times:

“When she heard of their malicious talk, We sent to her Our spirit and made a child unto her and they said: “Verily, We have brought into the world a most wondrous thing!” (Quran, Surah Maryam, 19:22).

When you’re praying or making a Dua for one-sided love, it’s important to follow some precautions to get the best and quickest results. Here are simple instructions to keep in mind:

  1. Pray with Your Heart: When doing the Wazifa for one-sided love, let your Dua come from your heart. Your feelings should be genuine, and you should really want this from the bottom of your heart.
  2. Be Sincere: Your Dua needs to be sincere. If you don’t express your feelings genuinely to Allah, He might not understand what you’re going through. Make sure your emotions are true, and Allah will accept your prayers sooner.
  3. Hard Work and Heartfelt Dua: Allah values two things: Hard work and a Dua that genuinely comes from the heart. So, when you pray, put in the effort, and express your feelings sincerely for the best chances of your prayers being answered.

In simple terms, when you pray for one-sided love, be real, honest, and truly want it, and Allah will listen and understand your heartfelt prayers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Effective Wazifas for One-Sided Lover?

Surah Al-Mumtahanah (Chapter 60) and the name “Ya Wadoodo” (The Most Loving) are commonly recited for this purpose. Additionally, making sincere dua from the heart, especially during the last third of the night, is a powerful practice.

Can Dua Change Someone’s Heart?

This may lead to changes in the person’s perspective, opening the door for mutual feelings to develop naturally. Dua invokes Allah’s help and improves conditions, yet it respects free will and agreement and highlights honest intentions and patience in affairs of the heart.

How Can Dua Help in One-Sided Love?

Dua in the context of one-sided love, is a heartfelt supplication to Allah seeking His guidance and blessings. It may soften hearts and align situations, but it cannot directly control others’ feelings. It may lead to opportunities for improved understanding and communication between individuals.

If your lovе is purе,  Islam has no objеction; it just rеquirеs your intеntions to bе rightеous. In thе lifе of Prophеt Muhammad, thеrе is also a significant еxpеriеncе of lovе and affеction. In Islam,  it’s important to havе sincеrе and good intеntions whеn it comеs to lovе, kееping it purе. 

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