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Powerful Dua For Love And Attraction


Everyone wishes they would feel an overwhelming sense of love and affection at some point in their lives. But the most spellbinding sensation is when you find that one special person and they also feel the same way about you. However, one of the most troubling sensations is when you find that you are fascinated with someone who does not share the same feelings. 

Dua for making someone love you madly will help you in getting your love back. This Islamic dua for instant love should be performed in a single room. These Islamic prayers and remedies will help you in creating true love in your partner’s heart.

Wazifa For Husband Love And Attraction

Love and attraction may be in the first look or it may also develop over time. If you want someone to get crazy for you and love you madly, then you may have to do remedies for it. Apart from doing the worldly remedies, you should also make strong dua for love and attraction for the person you like.

Insha Allah, with the help of the dua, you will be able to create immense love and affection in the heart of the person you want and rule his/her heart.

If there is someone you adore a lot but that person has no interest in you or you feel low esteemed in front of that person, then you should make dua to put love in someone’s heart and Insha Allah, that person will fall in love with you.

Even if there is a standard difference between you two, then also love will not stand any boundaries. The dua to make someone crazy in love will also make your lover see the real you and fall in love with you wholeheartedly. 

Dua For Love

Muslims think that asking Allah for love through dua is a very important thing to do. This spiritual practice has a wide range of deep benefits that improve relationships, develop faith, and strengthen a person’s connection to God.

  • Get cleaned up and dressed well.
  • The Durood Sharif has to be read 5 times.
  • Then recite verse 128 of Surah At-Tawbah 222 times.
  • Now, Pray to Allah for his love.

Adding dua to daily prayers is a powerful way for Muslims to improve their relationships, strengthen their faith, and align their hearts with Allah’s plan. It’s a reminder that love, whether it’s for other people or for Allah, is a valuable gift that should be cared for and cherished according to Islamic values.

Steps To Follow To Perform Dua For Love And Attraction

  • Before you pray, you should perform ablution (wudu) to cleanse your body, which will help you concentrate better.  
  • Find a secluded spot where you won’t be disturbed while you recite your dua, and go there.  
  • Now, express your gratitude to Allah.  
  • The next step is to drink some water from the Zamzam spring, then turn to the first chapter of the Quran and read the words from the beginning of the Fatiha chapter.  
  • Sometimes prayers are not accepted because of sins that have been done in the past. If this happens to you, beg the All-Mighty Allah for forgiveness. 
  • After reading this, Send blessings, or Salawat, to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family as the dua ends. 
  • Perform this dua daily for fifteen days, have faith that Allah can answer your dua, and be patient while you wait for a response. 

If you are after someone for a long time but that person doesn’t want to be with you, then Islamic dua to make someone love you again  will make a place for you in their heart. It will make them acknowledge your love and they will appreciate your effort and would love you just the way you love him/her.

Dua To Create Love In Someone’s Heart

It is important that you recite the dua with purity in your heart and intention. If your purpose isn’t halal, then you may not get results. It is also essential to discuss the procedure of dua to create love in someone’s heart with our Molvi Sahab.

He will give you the right help in this regard. Creating love and attraction for your spouse is permissible. Creating love and attraction for your lover is also halal only when you plan to marry him/ her as soon as possible. 

 Islamic dua for love and attraction is given below:

  • After the morning prayer, sit on your prayer mat and recite Durood Shareef. 11 times
  • Then recite “Ya Allaho Ya Rehmano Ya Raheemo” 300 times
  • Then also recite “Surah Al-Ikhlas” 111 times 
  • In the end, recite Durood Shareef 11 times
  • And, while reciting the above-mentioned dua, make sure you think of the person you want to attract towards you.
  • Then make dua to Allah Talah to create love and attraction in that person’s heart for you.

Insha Allah, their behavior will change in 21 days, and they will adore and appreciate you.

Powerful Surah for Love And Attraction

Creating love in anyone someone’s heart is the most difficult thing to do. It often happens with many people that our lover leaves us for some other person. The love that was there between us and our partner comes to an end. In order to get our lover back, we need to create love again in our partner’s heart.

Procedure of Surah is given below:

  1. Firstly make fresh ablution.
  2. After that read Surah Kausar 29 times.
  3. Then read this surah for attraction-“JazakAllah”.
  4. Read this powerful dua 996 times.
  5. Then read Sixth Kalma 96 times.
  6. After that take some rice.
  7. After that read Surah Yasin 100 times.
  8. Then mix that rice with corn.
  9. After that read Sana three times.
  10. Then give that rice and corn to any animal to eat.
  11.  After that read Fourth Kalma 108 times.
  12. Make a dua to Allah SWT.
  13. Perform this dua for 17 days.

Today many husbands are leaving their wives due to various reasons. One of the most basic reasons for any husband to leave his wife is that his wife is not attractive.  It is a very basic requirement that every husband wants from his wife.

Every woman in this world is not beautiful. It becomes very difficult for an unattractive wife to stop her husband from leaving her. Dua To Create Love In Someone’s Heart will also help you in getting your loved one back. For further details, you can contact our molvi sahab.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Someone Fall In Love With You In Islam?

Surah to make someone fall in love with you is the perfect remedy in Islam for people who wish to make their crush fall for them. This strong prayer, or surah, helps people get the love they want.

How Can I Get My Love Back By Dua?

By reciting the dua for lost love back, anyone can reconcile with their lover. Reciting this dua 1000 times daily after the namaz of Maghrib will make your lover realize your importance in their life. You can consult our Maulvi Sahab for more guidance regarding this dua.

What Is The Best Dua To get Love?

The best dua for finding love in life is the most powerful dua for love and attraction. It will bring love into your life and ensure a good marriage. If you really want to gain the true love of your lover, then Dua for true love will do it for you.

Insha Allah your lover will never take you for granted and will always do small and big things for you. So, without any hesitation, just make the surah for love and attraction and see its results on your own.

Can You Pray To Allah About Love?

You can pray to Allah about anything. You can pray for anything unless it’s haram to Allah. For love, you can recite the duas and wazifa for love written in the holy Quran. Allah will make sure all your prayers are heard and all your wishes are fulfilled.

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