Wazifa To See Prophet Muhammad Saw In Dream

Dua To See Prophet Muhammad Saw In Dream

Wazifa To See Prophet Muhammad Saw In Dream: If you’re a Muslim, then you should definitely have the desire to see our Holy Prophet Mohammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in your dreams. It is certainly one of the best things that can happen to a Momin in his lifetime.

Every Muslim loves his Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) (PBUH) undoubtedly because He is the one who is going to get us forgiven on the Day of Judgment. No matter whether you follow Islam rigorously or not, you should have complete faith on our Prophet. Thus, if you have the urge to see our beloved Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) (PBUH), then you should recite the wazifa to see prophet muhammad saw in dream.

With love in your heart and faith in your mind, you will surely get the prestige to see Prophet Mohammad (SAW) (PBUH). You literally do not need any high wisdom and top notch scholar level education to see our Prophet. All you need to have is the perfect dedication and devotion in your heart and sincerity and faith in your soul and Insha Allah, you will get to see him in one of your dreams. It takes a lot of dedication to witness our Mighty Prophet Mohammad (SAW) (PBUH).

Wazifa To See Prophet Muhammad Saw In Dream

  • Commence this wazifa on the first Thursday of the Islamic month at 12o’ clock in the midnight
  • first take bath, clean yourself, wear tidy clothes and apply perfume.
  • then offer 2 rakat nafil namaz in such a way that you recite Surah Fatiha and then recite Surah Ikhlas 25 times in both the rakat.
  • after you’re done with the namaz, recite this Durood Shareef mentioned below 1000 times with complete focus. Do not speak in between and concentrate completely.
  • Insha Allah, on the 7thday of the wazifa, you will surely see Prophet Mohammad (SAW) (PBUH)in your dreams.
  • The Durood Shareef is “Allah Humma Salli Alan Nabbeeyal Ummayya Wa Ala Aali Hi Wa Ashabihi Wa Sallam”

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Amal To See Prophet Mohammad Saw In Dream

For effective results, you should first speak to our Molvi ji and then proceed with the wazifa. The wazifa to see prophet muhammad saw in dream is very powerful and it requires right guidance. When you speak to our Molvi ji about your motives, they will render the right suggestions to you. So, speak your heart out and Insha Allah, your desires will definitely turn into reality by using wazifa to see holy Prophet Mohammad in dream.

Getting a glimpse of Huzoor-e-Paak will make your life worth living. You truly have no idea what it is like to see our beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) (PBUH) in dreams. No eye has the power to witness. Only in dream, you can get a glimpse of our Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) (PBUH). When you do the amal to see holy Prophet Mohammad saw in dream, right, then only you will get to see him.

And in order to do this, you should transform yourself and be a pious person. You cannot be indulged in worldly affairs and do such holy and pious thing. So, bring in a change of heart and then commit for such a big wazifa to see Holy Prophet Mohammad in dream. Do speak to our Molvi ji before commencing it.

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