Dua For Getting Good Husband and Get Handsome Husband

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Dua For Getting Good Husband

Every woman wants a good husband. But only some women are able to get good husband. Getting a good husband is the best thing that a woman can get in her life. Those women who are not able to get a good husband can take the help of dua for getting good husband.

Similarly every woman wants a handsome person, someone who is pious and has a nice face and personality. For this woman can practice dua to get handsome husband. No woman wants to marry an ugly person. Every woman is attracted towards a good looking person. If a husband is not handsome then wife also gives less attention to her husband. Then in such situation wife is attracted towards other men. But if you make dua to get handsome husband, the Almighty will bless you with a beautiful partner. 

Dua To Get Handsome Husband

So it is better that wife gets a desirable person. When wife does not get a husband she adores then her life may become uncomfortable. She would not like to stay with a partner whom she doesn’t like. If a girl doesn’t get a partner who values her, loves her and respects her, then her life would become hell. To prevent all this from happening, a wife needs to perform dua for getting good husband.

Both men and woman wants a good life partner. It is the wish of every person to get a good life partner. But there are some people who are not able to get good life partner. Such person can take the help of Islamic dua for a good life partner.

Islamic Dua For A Good Life Partner

Every man wants a good wife, someone who will always support him and take care of his parents. When a husband gets such a wife he feels that he is the luckiest person of this world. Similarly a wife also wants a caring and good husband. Islam has given rights to both husband and wife. Islam gives answer for every question. Islam provides this Islamic dua for a good life partner to both husband and wife so that they can get good life partner.

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Dua for getting good husband –

  • Firstly wife should make fresh wuzu.
  • After that wife should read Fifth Kalma for 96 times.
  • Then wife should read this dua for getting good husband “ Bi Rahmatika Istageeth{“.
  • After that wife should recite Surah Bakra for 98 times.
  • Then wife should take some hair of her.
  • After that she should recite Surah Kafiroon for 97 times.
  • Then blow her breath on hair.
  • After that burn those hair.
  • Then make a sorrowful prayer to Allah SWT.
  • Nothing can happen without the will of Allah SWT. 
  • Perform this dua for getting good husband for 4 days. 

It is the right of every woman that she should get a nice husband, someone who will always look after her. But, some woman who don’t get a good husband and their life becomes really painful. Dua for getting good husband will help such woman in getting good husband. For any detail contact us.

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