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Powerful Dua For Someone You Love In Islam


Knowing your partner doesn’t love you is depressing. One-sided love hurts. Everyone needs love and attention from someone special. Without love, your life may feel pointless. If you want to improve your situation and find someone to share your joys and sorrows with, say dua to make someone love you back. Insha Allah, your dua for a loved one will give you hope and an honest lover immediately.

It often happens that we suddenly start liking someone a lot. We want them to like us back and talk to us. In such a situation, we try to talk to that person but it’s not necessary that the other person is also interested in talking to us. If you want your crush to talk to you and be with you, follow the procedure odf dua for your crush to like you below-

  • Go to a quiet and clean place where you can talk to Allah with Peace.
  • Raise your hands in a way that feels comfortable for you, like when you’re asking for something important.
  • Begin by praising Allah.
  • Ask Allah about your feelings for your crush and ask for His guidance. You can say something like:

“O Allah, You know what is in my heart. I have feelings for [your crush’s name], and I want to be honest about my feelings. If it is good for me, please make things easy. If it’s not, then help me accept Your plan for me.”

  • Thank Allah for listening to your feelings and ask for His guidance in all aspects of your life.

Dua To Someone You Love

Practice the dua to make someone love you to win the heart of your love:

  • Recite Surah Fatiha once and then recite the ayat given below 15 times

Subhanaka La Illaha Illa Anta Ya Rabba Kulli Shay In Wa Waris Huwa

  • Blow on some sweet dish and make him/ her eat it.
  • Insha Allah, that person will start loving you.

A dua to make someone fall in love with you may assist. This dua to get your love back can help you grab their attention so they can call you when they miss you.Therefore, we are providing you with some of the most effective dua for winning someone over. The dua for someone come back to you include the dua to make someone fall in love with you, dua to make someone love you back, and dua to get love from someone. The dua will make your crush go ga-ga over you and he/she will fall madly in love with you. 

Dua To Get Someone You Love

If your lover isn’t too much into you and you feel lonely even after being in a relationship, then it is time you give your relationship a boost. The best Islamic remedy to bring love and compatibility to your relationship is to practice dua to get someone you love. It will wipe out all the complexities and differences from your relationship and make your partner love you truly from his/ her heart. The dua to get someone you love will melt your lover’s heart and he/ she would do anything for you. It will create eternal love for you in their heart.

Reciting this dua to make someone love you will make your lover love you deeply and passionately. 

  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Perform Allah Hus Samad 1000 times
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Make dua for your goals and Insha Allah, within 21 days you will get desired results.

Powerful Dua To Make Someone Love You Back

If you have just lost your lover but you cannot cope up with their loss, then it is advisable that you perform the dua for loved one. This dua for someone to come back to you will rejuvenate your love life and make your ex-lover come back to you.

Your partner will miss you and crave for you and come back to you. The dua for crush is meant to reunite those broken love stories. If you cannot deal with your breakup and you wish your love to come back to you at any cost, then this dua for someone love you back or dua for your crush to like you will prove very helpful to you.

Practice the dua to make someone love you again will revive your love life and make it better than before:

  • On the first Thursday of the new moon, you should perform this dua for love before going to bed.
  • Recite “Kad Sha Ga Fa Ha” 101 times followed by Durood Shareef 11 times before and after.
  • Make dua for your lover to come back to you. 
  • Insha Allah, soon your prayers will be heard.

The dua for your crush to like you will re-create the lost spark in your love life if performed according to our Molvi Sahab Peer Muhammad Qadri Ji For any doubts, you can contact us anytime.

Dua For Someone To Love You

dua for making someone love you

Love is an amazing feeling. Being loved makes you feel gifted and special, especially when you get it from someone you want. If you love someone and you want to win their heart and have them in your life as your lover, then you should practice dua for someone to love you.

Getting loved by someone you love is the best feeling in the world. You cannot compromise it for anything. The dua will help you in winning the heart of your crush. It will make your partner shower all their love and care on you.

Perform dua for making someone love you with purity in heart and right intentions and Insha Allah, your love life will become perfect: 

  • Recite this dua 15 times in the night and then pray to Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala for your desires.

Minal Abidih Dhaleel Ilal Mawlal Jallee

  • Then go to sleep.
  • Perform it for 15 without a gap.

The dua to get the person you love will create a love for you in that person’s heart if you recite it according to the guidance of our Molvi Sahab.

Dua For Someone To Come Back to You

Winning the heart of someone you love is of grave importance. If your partner doesn’t love you, then the relationship will never work. The love of your lover makes your life worth living. If your partner loves you truly from the inside, you feel complete and safe. With someone by your side, you can literally win the world.

If you really wish to make your love life complete and enjoy the company of your lover in the best possible manner, then you should perform a dua for someone to come back to you. If performed as instructed by our Molvi Sahab, the crush dua is powerful and will yield the best benefits.

Practicing dua for someone to come back to you will attract that person towards you and help you earn their true love:

  • Recite Durood Shareef 300 times.
  • Recite Surah Al-Ikhlas 500 times.
  • Read Durood Shareef 300 times.      
  • Pray for your desire and Insha Allah, the Almighty will accept it
  • Perform it for 21 days and make sure girls don’t recite it during their menstruation cycle.

Wazifa To Make Someone Love You and Contact You

We shall first discuss when to employ the wazifa for making someone love you or contact you. If you think you love someone then you first need to find out whether they love someone or not. You should never use the wazifa to make someone love you if the person you like already loves someone.

Here is the procedure to perform wazifa to make someone love you and contact you:-

  • First you need to do Wuzu.
  • Then sit down in a clean and peaceful place.
  • After that start doing Darood Sharif 3 times.
  • Then recite Ya Wadoodo wazifa 100 times.
  • Lastly, pray to Allah for someone to love you back.
  • Perform this wazifa to get love back in your life for 3 days.

Having the love of a special someone makes every day worthwhile because love makes the world go round. Keep praying to Allah Talah to win the heart of the person you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to pray (dua) for someone I care about, even if they don’t know?

Yes, it is okay and even advised to pray for someone you care about, even if they don’t know about it. Islam puts a lot of importance on caring about others, and making heartfelt prayers for your loved ones is a beautiful way to show how you feel and ask Allah to bless them.

How can I best pray for the one I care about? I would like to know if I should use any particular terms.

When you make dua for someone, you care about, praying from the bottom of your heart is essential. Even though you don’t have to use certain words or sentences, you can follow this general rule:

  1. Start by praising Allah and blessing the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  2. Make your request for your loved one using words from the heart.
  3. Ask Allah to bless them, guide them, keep them safe, or do whatever you think is best for them.

It’s important to remember that your earnestness and humility are essential parts of your prayer. 

Is it still respectful to pray for someone close to me who has made it clear they don’t want or appreciate your dua?

While making dua for someone you love is an act of kindness and compassion, respecting their feelings and boundaries is equally important. If someone has expressed discomfort with your intention to make dua for them, you should honor their wishes.

Instead, you can make a general and sincere dua asking Allah to grant them what is best and to bless them by His wisdom. Respecting their feelings while maintaining positive intentions is a balanced approach that aligns with Islamic values.

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