Dua To Make Someone Fall in Love With You

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Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

It is devastating to see your lover taking you so casually just like any other relationship. You may not be able to bear this. Often people fight with their partners when they don’t get the love they desire or deserve from them. If your lover also takes you for granted and doesn’t love you or care much about you, then Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You will help you out. The surah will fill their heart with love for you and they will never take you casually or for granted ever in life.

If you want to feel important in the eyes of your lover and wish them to acknowledge all the effort they do for you, then dua for a man to love you madly is the best solution for you. It will make your lover feel overwhelmed with your love and they will give you the same love back. It will create immense love and affection in their heart and they will appreciate your presence in their life and be grateful for this relationship. The surah to make someone love you back is for all those one-sided lovers who feel that they will never be able to win the heart of their partner.

Surah To Make Someone Love You

So, don’t have any second thoughts in your mind and just practice dua to make someone fall in love with you, with the intention of marriage, and see how the Almighty bestows you with it. At times you may feel lonely in your relationship because your partner is self-engrossed. If this is the case with you, then dua to make your lover love you madly will be the right remedy for you. Insha Allah, your lover will feel highly motivated and engrossed in you. It will end their selfish motives and make them think about the relationship and you.

It is important to consult our molvi sb. before you practice dua to dua to attract someone and love you madly. If you are serious about your partner, then you only should make this dua. Don’t practice this dua for any random relationship. The surah to make someone love you back is a Quranic dua. It is powerful and should only be practiced when you have the intention of marriage with that person. In case you don’t know whether that person is right for you or not, you should do an istikhara for it and find out. 

  • If you really want to win the heart of someone and make them madly fall in love with you, then recite Surah Mariyam 7 times for 11 days without any gap.  
  • And make dua to Allah Talah to make the person fall in love with you. Insha Allah, the person will love you wholeheartedly for the rest of their life.

In case the wazifa doesn’t bring you much of the results, you can seek guidance from our molvi sb. He will look into the matter and give you a customized better solution.  

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