Wazifa, Dua And Prayer For Keeping Mind Away From The Enemy

At times, you cannot think of anything else apart from your enemy and his enmity. If you are suffering from this problem, then it could turn out to be grave with time.

Prayer For Keeping Mind Away From The Enemy 

The prayer for keeping mind away from the enemy is mentioned below:

  • Recite this dua 7 times after performing the obligatory prayer of the morning.
  • Think about your enemy while performing it.
  • “Hasbi Ya lLaahul Halimul Qawiyyu Limam Bagha Alayya Hasbiyal Lahush Shadidu Lima Kadai Bis Hasbiyal Lahu La Ilaha Illa Hu Alaihi Tawakkal tu Wa Hu Wa Rabbul Arshil Azeem”
  • Perform this prayer for keeping mind away from the enemy daily and you will see that you will be safe from your enemy and your mind will never towards him.

With so much of goodness around you, you also experience evil. With friends around you, you may also be surrounded by foes. You cannot go past them. However, it is important to stay away from the bad things your enemy brings forth in your life. Not only they try to hamper your health and wealth but also wish to create inner damage and affect your soul badly. However, the best way to fight your enemy is by keeping yourself and your mind free from their very existence and be free from their negative energy.

Dua For Keeping Mind Away From The Enemy 

When you’re literally trying to create your fortune, then you cannot afford to fight your enemy at the same time. You need to remove all your thoughts and focus away from him to concentrate on the other important things of your life. The dua for keeping mind away from the enemy will help you focus on the other matters and forget about your enemy for that time. It will help you create your fortune and your mind will never divert. This is the best Islamic remedy to get rid of the thoughts of your enemy and his existence.

Wazifa For Keeping Mind Away From The Enemy

Wazifa For Keeping Mind Away From The Enemy

If you’re really worried about what your enemy is up to in life and because of it you do not seem to concentrate on your own life, then the right way to handle yourself is to pray to Allah (Subhan wa taalah) and recite the wazifa for keeping mind away from the enemy. The wazifa is your one stop solution to realize that you need to deal with your life and other important things. It will clear your mind from the things related to your foe and you will no longer think of him.

Taweez For Keeping Mind Away From The Enemy

The right way to proceed in this matter is to seek help from an astrologer. The Islamic expert has a lot of knowledge and experience in such matters and they render the best possible solution to all your problems. You will see that with his help and guidance, all your problems will end. So, do not resist. Just speak to the astrologer and get their help in your matter. They will render you help with references from Hadith and Quran. They will also provide you with taweez for keeping mind away from the enemy which will help you stay focused on other things of your life.

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