Bure Khawab Se Bachne Ki Dua

Bure Khawab Se Bachne Ki Dua

Bure Khawab Se Bachne Ki Dua Dreams in Islam have a special place. Very often your dreams are very near to reality. However, you cannot connect all your dreams to real life. Sometimes, you get dreams from satan too. These dreams are not good, they are nightmares. One should avoid getting such dreams. They have a bad impact on … Read more

Dua And Wazifa To Get Rid Of Nightmares

dua To Get Rid Of Nightmares

Bad dreams and frightening nightmares is really a bad disease which is very often taken lightly by those who experience it. One needs to get rid of it as soon as possible. The longer you take for measures, the more troubled your life gets. Hence you need to cure it in the shortest span of … Read more

Dua For Protection Of Family

Wazifa For Protection Of Family

Your family is very dear to you and you would do everything to make it happy and secure. Every person does that but a lot of times things aren’t manageable from a worldly perspective and you require to seek refuge in the light of Allah (Subhan wa taalah) to give complete protection to your family. … Read more

Wazifa For Protection From Supernatural Creatures

In Islamic mythology, jinn or jinnat are called supernatural creatures. They possess supernatural power and thus have the ability to grant you anything you desire. Jinn has been bestowed with this power from Allah (Subhan wa taala) and they make all your wishes come true. However, one should know that jinn can be wicked and … Read more

Powerful Dua And Wazifa To Revenge Enemies

Powerful Dua To Revenge Enemies

Your enemies have no mercy and they will do everything to harm you mercilessly. They can even harm your family without thinking twice. They are truly dangerous and will just in order to seek justice, you have to revenge them. If you’re really fed up of the bad things that your enemy does in your … Read more

Dushman Se Badla Lene Ka Wazifa aur Dua

Dushman Se Badla Lene Ka amal

Dushman Se Badla Lene Ka Wazifa Agar koi shaks apne dushman ki buri kartooto se thak chuka hai aur ab bardasht nahi karna chahta toh uske liye zaroori hai ki apne dushman ko muh tod jawab de. Agar aapka dushman aapko bahot tang karta hai aur apni shaitani harkaton se aapka jeena haram kiye hue … Read more

Dushman Ko Shikast Dene Ki Dua, Wazifa Aur Taweez

Dushman Ko Shikast Dene Ki Dua

Agar aapka dushman aap ki naak mein dum kiye hue hi aur aapko sukoon se zindagi guzarne nahi de raha hai, toh zaroori hai ki aap ek baar mein usko shikast dekar uski kahani khatam kare. Ji ha, jab wo aapse shikast kha jayeyega toh dobara aap ko nuksan pahuchane ki koshish bilkul nahi karega. … Read more

Family Or Gharwalo Ki Aafiyat Ki Dua Aur Wazifa

Gharwalo Ki Aafiyat Ki Dua

Duniya mein shayad hi aisa koi shaks ho jo apne family ya gharwalo se mohabbat na karta ho. Har koi chahta hai ki uske gharwale humesha khush rahe, hifazat se rahe. Lekin baaz waqt aise halaat ho jate hai ki aap ke ghar wale shayad apne ghar mein hi hifazat se nahi hote. Iske liye … Read more

Janwaro Ki Hifazat Ke Liye Wazifa Taweez And Dua Amal

Janwaro Ki Hifazat Ke Liye Wazifa

Janwaro Ki Hifazat Ke Liye Wazifa Agar aapne kabhi koi janwar pala hai toh aap jante honge ki janwar ki mohabbat kya hoti hai aur aapke unke liye kya kuch nahi kar sakte. Wo bezuban zaroor hote hai, lekin unki aankhein sab kuch keh deti hai. Agar aapke paas bhi janwar hai, lekin aapko uski … Read more

Prayer For Animal Protection – Dua For Effective Of Animals

Effective Prayer For Animal Protection

Every person wishes to keep their animal or herd safe and secure. No one even wants a scratch on their cattle and wish to keep them protected from enemies and calamities. If your cattle are prone to wild animals and you always witness a loss in your number because of it, then you should recite prayer … Read more

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