Prayer For Animal Protection – Dua For Effective Of Animals

Every person wishes to keep their animal or herd safe and secure. No one even wants a scratch on their cattle and wish to keep them protected from enemies and calamities. If your cattle are prone to wild animals and you always witness a loss in your number because of it, then you should recite prayer for animal protection. The prayer will keep your animals protected from all calamities and predators out there. And you can easily send them out for grazing and other things.

Prayer For Animal Protection

The method to perform the dua for effective of animals is given below –

  • Make ablution.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Write this verse on an olive tree wooden piece or you can frame this verse on the door of your residence or garden or field. None of the animals will ever damage your field and you will have an enhancement in the yield of your crop production.
  • If you write this verse on the skin membrane of an animal and tie it in the neck of the animal, it will always remain protected and nothing will harm it and you will abundance of them.
  • “Wahu Wal Ladhee Ansha ‘aa Jannati Ma’aru Shatin Wa Gaira Ma’aru Shatin Wan Nakhla Waz Zar A’a Mukh Talifan Uku Lahu Waz Zaituna War Rummana Muta Shabihan Wa Gaira Muta Shabihin Kulu Min Samarihi Iza Asmara Wa Tu Hak Kahu Yauma Hasa Dihi Wala Tasrefu Innahu La Yu Hibbul Musrefeen”
  • In sha Allah, you will keep your herd and cattle protected and secured forever. They will have a longer life.
  • Do not make fun of the wazifa and do it with full sincerity. Focus on how you pen it down as any mistake in writing could cause disastrous effect.

Dua For Effective Of Animals

You can also speak to the astrologer about the problem that your cattle are facing and how can you keep your cattle protected. The astrologer will guide you with the right procedure and suggest the right means to secure them. They will provide you the amal for effective of animals which will keep your animals safe and sound.

Dua For Effective Of Animals

If your animals have encountered some deadly disease and they are dying one after the other, then the prayer will prevent further death and the disease will abruptly end. Your animals will not die and they will safe from any such calamity or disease.

Amal For Effective Of Animals

If you have a dear pet and he is suffering from a severe disease. You wish to keep him protected from any such future problem, then just put the verse in his neck and he will be safe and healthy for a long time. Do not fear. The loss of pet or cattle is really saddening. It takes a lot to develop pets and grow cattle and their sudden demise hurts. However, when you make prayer for animal protection, your pet will stay protected and safe for a long period of time.

In case of any emergency, you can seek instant help from the astrologer and get their guidance in this regard.

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  • February 25, 2022 at 10:07 pm

    I have only small question on pet.
    I have cat, it is a she cat we have done operation because she gives birth every 2 months kitten. Where we located we cannot afford to keep that much kitten so we have taken this step.
    I want to know whether it is a sin.
    We cannot live her anywhere bcoz we love her.


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