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Dua For Home Safety And Security – Home Protection Taweez


Dua For Home Safety

Everyone worries about the safety of their house. Especially at night when everyone is asleep, no one but the Almighty is keeping an eye on your house too. So, how do you ensure that your house is safe while you’re asleep? Well, the best way to ensure it is by reciting the dua for home safety. When you perform the dua for home safety, indeed you’re in the refuge of Allah (SWT) and He shall send his angels to guide your house especially. It is the best solution to keep your house safe.

Wazifa For Security Home

We often hear that someone’s house was robbed, there has been burglary somewhere, there has been theft in a particular house, well it happens because their house is not safe. Getting locks, channels and safe doesn’t make your home a safe place. You need to do keep your house in the light of the Almighty to give it all-around protection. All you need to do is recite the wazifa for security home. The wazifa will protect your house all around the day and night. It will do not allow any satanic attacks or wrongful deeds to happen in your house.

Home Protection Taweez

In order to protect your house from unwanted deeds, you can also get home protection taweez. The taweez will help you protect your house from anything and everything. You will not have to worry about your house anymore. You surely do not know to get out of the way for the protection of your house. Just get the taweez and your house will be safe from black magic spells, evil, and satan. So, why not go for it. You can get the taweez from an Islamic expert. The professional will find out all about your house and then make a suitable taweez for your home.

Home Protection Taweez

Amal For Home Safety

You need to tell them the location of your house and the things from which you want to protect it. Apart from doing the worldly protection, you can easily rely on the dua for the security of your house. The amal for home safety is given below –

  • Write these verses on 4 pieces of white blank paper.
  • Surah Yaseen Verse 8-9. “Inna Ja’ Alana Fee A’anakihim Ag Laan Fahiya Ilal Azkaani Fahum Mukmahoon. Wa Ja’alana Min Baini Aidihim Wa Min Khal Fihim Saddan Fa Ag Shaina Hum Fa Hum La Yubsiroon”
  • Write these verses on the paper with a black marker.
  • Then on a new moon night, recite them for 313 times.
  • Make them as taweez and use a hammer and nail them in all the four corners of your home for 100% security.
  • In sha Allah, your home will be completely protected from all the ill and malicious stuff (seen and unseen).

In case you think you cannot make the amulet right, then you can seek help from the astrologer for it. They will help you and guide you all through the procedure. It is the best possible solution to keep your home secure and sound. So, just do it today!

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