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Wazifa, Surah Dua For Avoiding Bad Dreams- Amal To Stop Bad Dreams


Dreams are a natural process and you cannot help and avoid them at any cost. One is bound to see dreams at night. However, there is a difference between good and bad dreams. The good dreams comfy you while the bad ones depress you. So, Allah (SWT) has eased it for his creation and given the relief to avoid bad dreams with the help of dua and Surah. All you need to do is recite the surah dua for avoiding bad dreams and Insha Allah, you will not get such dreams at night ever again.

Surah Dua For Avoiding Bad Dreams

Often when you continuously see bad things in your dream at night, you are scared to fall asleep. You do not wish to sleep and witness those nightmares. However, when you recite the wazifa for avoiding bad dreams, you will no longer see such dreams at night. You will have good dreams and a night of good sleep. Satan will not be able to bring nightmares to you. Sometimes when you see a bad dream you get up in haste. Insha Allah with the help of this wazifa no such dream will come your way.

Wazifa For Avoiding Bad Dreams

Often people are heard saying that they have been killed in their dream, someone was chasing them, they have fallen from a height, these are bad dreams which Satan brings to you. And, when you perform the amal to stop bad dreams, you will see that such dreams will stop coming to you. You will no longer be troubled with these nightmares at night. You can find out the amal to stop bad dreams by getting in contact with an Islamic astrologer such as Molvi Hazrat Muhammad Ali Ji. When you speak to the Islamic professional about it, they will guide you with the complete procedure. Do not be scared. Very soon you will be out of it.


Dua For Avoiding Bad Dreams

Amal To Stop Bad Dreams

The procedure for amal to stop bad dreams is mentioned below –

  • Right before sleeping at night, lay down on the bed and recite this dua
  • Then recite Surah Naas once.
  • After that recite Surah Falak once.
  • Finally recite Ayat-ul-kursi once.
  • And sleep.
  • If you still see something terrible, then include “Ya Shadeedo” in your wazifa.
  • Recite it thrice and blow it on your hands and then spread it on your face and chest.
  • In sha Allah, you will be protected from all types of bad dreams.
  • Do this procedure daily at night, till you stop seeing anything.
  • You can make it a habit and do it all your life for a healthy sleep at night.

Do not be scared. Most of the time, satan does it to hamper your sleep and scare you and prohibit you from walking the right path. However, with your firm faith in Allah (SWT) you will never ever have any problem. Just perform the amal as directed and you will see the results. In case, you are still scared, you can get a taweez from the astrologer. The taweez will protect you from all bad things you witness in the dream.

In order to avoid the company of Satan in your sleep, make sure you recite the wazifa punctually.

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