Dua, Amal and Wazifa For Protection From Forbidden Wealth

Wazifa For Protection From Forbidden Wealth

Islam bans and strictly prohibits haram wealth and interest. Yes, it is not allowed to earn money via principal amount and interest. Lending money and earning interest on it is strictly banned. But still, people get involved in it because of banks and other financial institutions. Taking precautions from it is the most important thing that a Momin should do to avoid getting punished on Judgment Day. The wazifa for protection from forbidden wealth and the protection from interest dua will help you safeguard yourself from mixing your halal earned money with this prohibited haram money.

When you will recite the dua for protection from forbidden wealth and interest, you will see that your earned money will be halal and jayaz. Your money will not have a hint of interest and forbidden wealth. It is very important to note that your money doesn’t involve anyone else’s money. A businessman has so many transactions that he may have no idea if someone else’s money gets included in it by mistake. Thus rectification of accounts is very important from time to time. Auditing should be done to avoid forbidden wealth. The dua for protection from forbidden money is very important for such matters.

Dua For Protection From Forbidden Wealth and Interest

Ditching someone and overtaking their money or company is also not allowed in Islam. But a lot of people are doing it nowadays. If your husband is into such matters, then being a wife you should perform the amal for protection from forbidden wealth and interest. You can protect him from committing such a sinful task. This way all his earning would be legit and halal and Insha Allah, he will resist from acquiring forbidden wealth and hard-earned money of other people.

It is very important to differentiate between the jayaz and na-jayaz earning. Thus, it is advisable to speak to our Molvi Ji about it and get the desired knowledge. You should also enquire about the protection from forbidden wealth & interest dua. He will provide you all the details about how you should conduct safe business and avoid being a part of the interest and forbidden wealth and Insha Allah, very soon you will be doing business in the Islamic manner. With the protection from forbidden wealth & interest dua, things will be fine and your business will flourish and prosper very well.

Amal For Protection From Forbidden Wealth and Interest

The wazifa for protection from forbidden wealth and the interest dua in Urdu is mentioned below –

  • Write this beautiful name on a bread piece virtually and eat it.
  • “Al-Qaabizu”
  • Do it for 40 days daily without fail.
  • Insha Allah, you will never have any shortage in your income and will be secure from unlawful and forbidden wealth and interest.
  • ال قابض

Even after performing this amal for protection from forbidden wealth and interest, you don’t get success, then contact our molvi Ji instantly and find out in detail about your problem. Insha Allah, with the help of the Islamic Rohani ilaj you will get desired results in a short span of time. Consuming halal rozi is very important, thus you need to be very accurate with it. The dua will protect your income from getting contaminated with foul income.

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