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Powerful Dua And Wazifa To Revenge Enemies


Your enemies have no mercy and they will do everything to harm you mercilessly. They can even harm your family without thinking twice. They are truly dangerous and will just in order to seek justice, you have to revenge them. If you’re really fed up of the bad things that your enemy does in your life and you are looking forward to seeking revenge, then powerful wazifa to revenge enemies will be of great help to you. When you recite the wazifa, you will be able to take complete revenge of the malicious things your enemy has done to you.

Dua To Revenge Enemies

Muslim people do not know much about how to handle their enemies in an Islamic way. So, if your enemy is not ready to give up and he continues to create problems in your life, then dua to revenge enemies will help you avenge each of them. You will never lose and will sustain your position. In order to fight against your enemy well, you need to play your card nicely. Allah (SWT) has given Muslims the complete right to fight against injustice and to harm back the hurt those people who have hurt and harmed you. It is very important to make things equal and level your score. The dua will help you avenge your enemies and live a normal life ahead.

Powerful Wazifa To Revenge Enemies

The powerful wazifa to revenge enemies is given below –

  • Make fresh ablution and get an iron nail
  • Recite Surah Naas 1100 times.
  • Blow it on the nail you have got.
  • Then burn the nail till it is red hot.
  • Once the nail is red hot, put it on the picture of your enemy.
  • It will give sheer pain to your enemy and even cause his death.
  • And In sha Allah, very soon you will see your dua getting fulfilled.
  • It is the quickest remedy to seek revenge from your enemy.
Wazifa To Revenge Enemies

If you have a lot of enemies and you want to avenge all of them, then you should perform the amal after speak to an Islamic astrologer. The astrologer will guide you and help you go for the best possible solution. Rather than looking out for solutions online, speaking to an astrologer and getting personalized help is good. As the matter is sensitive, you may need someone for suggestions and advice. They will provide you with a remedy which is just equal to their misdeeds so that you do not commit any sins in front of Allah (SWT).

Amal To Revenge Enemies

Feel free to share your details with the astrologer for anything you say will be kept discreet and private. Do not lose hope. The amal is very powerful but if you do not see its result, then speaks to the astrologer about it. Do not be afraid of your enemy. Pray to Allah (SWT) to get justice and you will surely be paid. And truly in the light of Islam and the Quran, you shall get justice in the right way. So, do not give up. Just perform it with complete trust and get results very soon.

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