Prayer, Dua And Wazifa To Fulfill Every Lawful Aim

Almost every person in this whole wide world has something or the other to ask from the Almighty Allah. While some desire for materialistic stuff and worldly objects, others want a solution for their problems and others long for health while some have favors to ask for the next world.

Wazifa To Fulfill Every Lawful Aim

So, everyone has something to ask from Allah Talah. However, you don’t always get what you ask. It could be because your approach may not be that good or you may not be suitable for that stuff or you may not have the desirable condition for it. However, when you recite the wazifa to fulfill every lawful aim, you will see that things will start happening in your favor and you will get your wishes fulfilled.

Dua To Fulfill Every Lawful Aim

In order to fulfill your lawful desire, this is the wazifa to fulfill every lawful aim that you should read –

  • This wazifa to fulfill every lawful aim is very Mujarrab
  • Commence this wazifa on Friday and continue it for the next 10 days.
  • Then recite this dua to fulfill every lawful aim 100 times “Ya Mufattihal Abwaab, Ya Muqallibal Quloob Wal Absawat, Yaa Daleelal Mutahayyireen wa Yaa Ghiyasal Mustagheeseen, Tawaqqaltu Alayka Yaa Rabbee, Faqdhee Haajatee Waqfee Muhimmee, Walaa Hawla Walaa QuwwataIllaa Billaahil Aliyyil Adheem, Wa Sallallaahu Alaa Muhammadin Wa Aalihee Ajma’een”
  • Make supplication. Insha Allah, your dua will be heard and your prayer will be fulfilled.
  • In case, the given dua to fulfill every lawful aim doesn’t work for you in 10 days, speak to the astrologer immediately.

You have several duas and amal available in the Quran to fulfill your wishes. If you supplicated sincerely and observe all the required conditions then you will surely get a response for it. However, sometimes regardless of all your wazifa to fulfill every lawful aim, dua and prayers, you do not get your prayer answered and wishes fulfilled. In such a scenario, you should recite a prayer to fulfill every lawful aim.

Prayer To Fulfill Every Lawful Aim

The prayer to fulfill every lawful aim will help you get your dreams and desires fulfilled and you will certainly get anything and everything that you ask for, from the Almighty. You never know what Allah Talah has kept in store for you. Allah might have much more magnificent things planned for you then you actually ask for because only He knows what is good and bad for you. So, have strong faiths in the Almighty, pray, supplicate and have patience. Indeed, you will be bestowed with all you desire, but at the right time. When you recite the wazifa to fulfill every lawful aim you will see that your prayers will be answered sooner and things will get better for you.

You should seek the help of an astrologer in this regard if necessary. If there is something that you seek but you cannot find the right way to get it, then speak to them. They will guide you with the best possible piece of advice and In sha Allah, things will change for you. Do not lose hope. You will get what you want but only when Allah Talah has planned it for you. So, have patience and things will be fine in your matter. For any further help, contact the astrologer.

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