Dua Istikhara For Marriage – How To Do Istikhara For Love

Dua Istikhara For Marriage

In the modern world, a girl’s wish of getting married to her lover is still considered wrong. People still do not openly accept the idea of girls having the freedom to choose their life partner. Even Islam doesn’t bound the girls into such heavy chains. It gives them the freedom to marry the person of their desire. As per the rules of Islam, a girl has the freedom to choose a life partner for herself. However, if you are a girl and your family is orthodox, but you love someone, then you should recite the dua istikhara for marriage.

There are very few rare cases, where a girl openly confesses her true feelings of love marriage before her family. Thus, you should seek refuge in the shelter of Allah (Swt) and the Quran. Recite the istikhara for marriage and very soon you will see that things will fall in your favor. And your will happen to the boy of your dreams.

How to Do Istikhara For Love Marriage

Your parents themselves will make you marry that guy and eventually, you will have a happy and content life with him. With the help of istikhara for love marriage, you can convince your parents and make them agree to your love marriage. When you recite the wazifa, it will affect your parents and when they have been against your relationship, they will change and start supporting it. Do not worry! Indeed Allah Talah can do anything and only He has the power to do so! So, have faith in the Almighty and recite the wazifa with a tidy heart and clean intention.

If you love someone but that person has left you and gone to someone else, it must be heart-wrenching. But, don’t worry. You just have to speak to an Islamic astrologer about it and they shall give you the dua istikhara for love marriage. The dua istikhara for love marriage is a highly effective remedy for those who wish for love marriage. The people who recite it with true intention easily find love. And do marry to the person they truly love. If you don’t know how to do istikhara for love marriage then you can take help from our molvi Ji.

How to Do Istikhara For Love Marriage

Surah to do Marry to Someone you Love

  • Collect 7 black pepper seed
  • Recite Surah Yaseen three times. always remember that when the word “Mubeen” comes in the surah, make the wish you have in your heart and then blow over the pepper seeds. All total, it will come 7 times.
  • You have to read this istikhara without missing a day. Make sure that you always think of the person you want to marry while reading this.
  • You have to continue with this process till your wish is fulfilled. Insha Allah, within a few days it will come true and you will get married to the person you truly love.

It will ascertain your choice. Speak to the astrologer and get the correct guidance for your problem. Insha Allah, your marriage will happen to your lover without any obstruction in a short span of time. So, just do it now!

Dua Istikhara For Marriage

Do you want to know what the signs of dua istikhara for marriage are? For some people, the signs or results of the istikhara are seen. But some people see the results after the expected time. Before telling you about what are the signs of the dua istikhara for marriage, you should know another process of performing it.

We are now going to tell you another process of performing the dua istikhara for marriage.

  • After performing namaz, settle down on your prayer mat.
  • Begin reciting two Rakat nafils at first. You can also recite more if you want to.
  • Then, begin reciting Surah Al-Ikhlas.
  • Follow this verse by reciting the Surah Fatiha.
  • Then you have to read the dua istikhara for getting married. You have to perform this dua istikhara for at least 7 days.

Islamic Online Istikhara and Duas

We suggest you to perform the istikhara and then go to sleep directly. Sleep facing the Qibla so that the istikhara gives you the desired results as soon as possible. Now, we are going to tell you what the signs that one sees after performing dua istikhara for marriage are. When you see things that are white in your dream then this means the decision you want to make is right for you. Seeing milk, white paper, sky or a white light is a good sign. Not only white but seeing things that are green in color also mean that the decision you are about to make is positive.

On the other hand, if the decision that you are inclined to make is wrong for you, you will see red or black things. Seeing things like blood, red fruits, red clothes or a red light is a warning that your decision is not right for you. Seeing black clouds, black things are a clear sign that your choice is not right for you.

Peer Muhammad Qadri

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