Dua For Safe and Successful Pregnancy and Delivery

Dua For Successful Pregnancy

Even in the worst health situation, a mother is concerned about the well-being of her child. Whether the child is in her womb or grownup, she wants him/her to be safe. When your baby is in your womb, they are at a higher risk, hence a mother has to be more careful and cautious till her delivery. If you are worried about the safety of your baby you should recite dua for successful pregnancy while keeping the baby safe. The dua will protect your baby from all the complications and problems and ensure that you have a healthy delivery. If you are worried about the health of your child and doctors have suggested some problems in your pregnancy, then a dua for safe delivery and a healthy baby will be the best solution for you.

Insha Allah, the dua will bring blessings of Allah Talah to your baby and your child will be protected from all the health issues and bad things of the world. Even if your baby is weak, then dua for keeping the baby safe during pregnancy will guard it and your baby will be healthy.

Safe Pregnancy Dua For Successful Pregnancy

Often doctors suggest a caesarian for you as there may be problems with your delivery. However, if you don’t want any problem with your delivery, then make a safe pregnancy dua for a successful pregnancy or delivery and you will see that all the issues will get resolved and you will have a normal delivery. If Allah guards something then nothing can cause any harm to it. So, when you make dua for safe delivery and a healthy baby, then Allah Miyan keeps your baby secure from all the ill- effects of the world and there isn’t anything that can touch it or harm it. Recite the dua with pure intent, firm faith, and purity in heart to reap its benefits.

You can get the dua for successful pregnancy or delivery from our Molvi Sab Peer Muhammad Qadri Ji. He will guide you in the right procedure to perform the dua. Keep one thing in mind that if there are a lot of problems in your delivery and you suffer from health issues like PCOS or several miscarriages, then also the dua for keeping baby safe during pregnancy will protect your child. Keep getting your treatment and practice the dua with belief. Insha Allah, nothing will ever harm your child and you will a simple and quick delivery. If you are scared of your delivery, then keep reciting dua for safe delivery and you will not experience any pain at the time of delivery

Was Bir Wama Sabruka Illa Billah Wala Tahzan Alaihim Wala Taku Fi Zaikim Mimma Yak Kurun. Innal Laaha Ma’ Al Ladheenat Takau Wal Ladheena Hum Muhsinoon

Recite this dua 11 times and blow it on a glass of milk and drink the milk. Insha Allah, it will keep you and your baby safe during all the nine months of your pregnancy and also help in easy delivery.   

If you have any complications in your pregnancy and you need personalized help, then Our molvi Sab will give you complete guidance for it. 

Peer Muhammad Qadri

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