Dua For Protection From Jinn and Remove Jinn From House

Dua For Protection From Jinn

We have often heard stories about jinn also known as jinnat. But jinn are just not a story. Jinn actually exist in reality. Some jinn are good in nature while some are not good. The jinn which are not good can be real problem for human beings. To save you from such jinn human being can go for the option of dua for protection from jinn. 

Jinn normally don’t hurt human being. But sometimes by mistake or confusion human being causes some problem for jinn. This can be very devastating for human being. Jinn always take revenge. This revenge can be very devastating for human being. Allah SWT has provided lots of power to jinn. But sometimes jinn use these powers in the wrong way. That is why in Islam there is a option for every problem. Islam has provided this dua to remove jinn from house so that we can remove jinn from our lives.

Dua To Remove Jinn From House

Jinn who are bad are the real danger for human being. They can really cause severe damage to a human beings life. The dua to remove jinn from house will protect you from such jinn. Jinn have supernatural power they can take the shape of animal or human being. Normally jinn are very large in size in comparison of human being. Jinn also have the power to enter a human being body. This is the most dangerous feature of Jinn. When a jinn enters a human being body. He can make a human being do evil things. To protect us from such thing dua for protection from jinn will be very a good option. 

When jinn enter a human being body it can also cause severe damage to a human being body. Human beings act in a very mad way when jinn enter their body. The family members are really in tension when they see us acting in a mad way. When a person acts in a mad way he can also harm to his family member. So in order to save us from such situation dua for protection from jinn will be the best way to do it. 

This dua is a very strong dua. Getting rid of jinn is not a easy task. We need something strong. This dua for protection from jinn is a very powerful dua which can save us from jinn.

Dua To Get Rid of Jinn

  1. Firstly this is a very unique dua it should be done very carefully.
  2. You have to do this dua alone.
  3. While performing this Dua to get rid of jinn there should be no disturbance of any kind.
  4. Firstly read Second Kalma for 98 times.
  5. After that read this Dua to get rid of jinn for 50 times “Waah Laamyaa Khoollahu “.
  6. After that close your eyes and read Surah Kafiroon for 89 times.
  7. Then take the name of Allah SWT for 100 times.
  8. Perform this for 8 days.

For any help on dua to get rid of jinn, give our molvi sahib a call.

Peer Muhammad Qadri

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