Dua For My Husband To Listen To Me

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Dua For My Husband To Listen To Me

It is tough to explain what a marital couple wants from each other. Every couple has his own requirement. If you as a wife want your husband to be submissive and shouldn’t dominate you on day to day things, then you should make dua for my husband to listen to me. The dua will change the very nature of your husband and he will start listening to you. If you want your partner to give you equal rights and to treat you with love, respect and equality, then dua for my husband to listen to me is the right remedy for you.

Sometimes the husbands oppress their wives to a great extent. They deal miserably with their wives and torture them to great extent. If your husband is of this kind, then dua to make husband listen will help you out. It will make your husband melt and he will stop treating you badly. He will listen to your woes and problems and will never let you suffer alone. The dua to make husband listen will make the toughest husband develop feelings for his wife and take care of her.

Dua To Make Husband Obedient

So, if your husband is too much into his mother and he gives you no time and love and wants you to be treated as a slave, then dua to make husband obedient will help you in ending this cycle. You can also recite the dua to make husband obedient to make him stop doing the malicious deeds like flirting, gambling, drinking etc. With the help of dua for my husband to listen to me, your husband will give up all these activities and do anything and everything you say to him.

As a wife, you demand nothing from your husband but his love and care. If you really want to gain his attention and wish to make him listen to you, obey you, then dua to make husband obedient is the best duas in this regard. He will give you accurate guidance in this regard. Don’t worry! Insha Allah, with the help of dua, things will get fine in your life and your partner will get better and he will start obeying you and paying attention to your suggestions and advices.

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Dua To Make Husband Listen

  • After the namaz of Isha, keep two almonds on your tongue
  • Now recite ayat 39 of Surah Taha 500 times
  • Now take out the almonds and grind them in some food item and give it to your husband to eat.
  • Repeat this procedure with new almonds daily for 5 days and give them to your husband to eat.
  • Insha Allah, soon you will notice changes in the behavior of your husband. He will become obedient to you.

If you have any queries related to the dua, you can come to our molvi sb. directly and consult him. 

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