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Wazifa for Problems

Life is full of troubles and they all come and go. And basically it is a test bestowed upon every human being on earth from the Almighty. But, no matter how tough the problem is, one shouldn’t ever lose hope. And, the best remedy is to pray to Allah (Swt) for all your problems. The wazifa for problems or in Hindi. It is known as the dua Dafa e pareshani is your one-stop solution to fight all your troubles and issues. Insha Allah gradually all your worries will come to an end and Allah Talah will free you.

A life without problems is just meaningless. And as you progress in your daily life, problems are bound to come. They make you strong and hopeful. Thus, in order to combat your issues and get out of every problematic situation, apart from finding worldly remedies, you should also perform the amal for problems. The amal for all problems will help you come out victorious from all your issues. And Insha Allah all your problems will be resolved in no time. The amal Dafa e pareshani or amal for all problems is very powerful. And will help you get success in all your objectives. It helps to sort out all the problems that arise in between.

Dua For Problems

The wazifa for my problems is here:-

  • You need to be punctual with the obligatory prayers of the day in order to perform this wazifa for my problems.
  • After performing the namaz,
  • you should go to Sajdah and recite the dua for problems 100 times.
  • Then raise your head and pray with all your heart for your problems and its solutions.

Insha Allah, no matter how tough the situation is, how hard your problem is, it will get resolved in no time. You will find a way to sort it out.

“Ya Ar Hamar Raheemeen”

“يا أرحمار رحيمين”

Dua Dafa E Pareshani

No matter whether you are facing financial losses or trouble in your business, whether you are experiencing emotional trauma or issues in your marriage, the wazifa for all life problems is your best possible solution to combat it. You will see that conditions will fall in your favor and eventually you will see how the situation will change. Allah (Swt) will ease your life and you will never face such a problem again.

Do not lose hope. If you’re really worried about where your life is going and why things aren’t normal in your life, then speak to our molvi ji. He will guide you with the right procedure of wazifa dafa e pareshani and Insha Allah things will be fine in sometime. If you’re experiencing these problems because of evil eyes or black magic spell, then he will inform you about it. You can then ask for the remedy for black magic too. Then you have to do the remedy for black magic as well as perform the wazifa dafa e pareshani.

Have patience and keep performing the wazifa for all problems- dua dafa e pareshani. If Allah (Swt) has given you a problem, He has also created a solution for it and you will get it at the right time. Just pray for it by reciting the dua for problems and Insha Allah your prayers will be heard and very soon you will be relieved from them. So, have faith and be patient… things will be fine.

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