Dua For Success In Everything

In today’s time, nobody wishes to fail in anything. Whether it is just a small test in school or your promotion in a job, you wish to get it by all means. You put in all your effort, but then luck is yet another factor. If you are really determined for your success, then along … Read more

Ameer Hone Ka Wazifa Aur Amal

Ameer Banne Ka Wazifa

Ameer Banne Ka Wazifa  Kya aap daulatmand banna chahte hai? Kya aap maaldaar ban kar apne sare khwabo ko haqeeqat banana chahte hai? Kya aap ameer banne ke liye har mumkin koshish kar rahe hai? Agar ha toh aap apni koshish mein ameer banne ka wazifa bhi shamil kare. Jab aap ye dua parhenge toh Insha Allah, … Read more

Rizq Me Izafa Hone Ki Dua aur Amal

Rizq Me Izafa Hone Ki Dua Aaj ke waqt mein paise ki keemat bacha bacha jaanta hai. Aise mein bahot mehnat lagti hai mehnat ki kamayi karne mein. Isliye har shaks chahta hai ki wo jo bhi kaam kar raha hai uske rizq mein din ba din izafa hota rahe taki wo apni aur apne … Read more

Muslim Prayers for Islamic Blessings

Muslim Prayers for Islamic Blessings Islam is a religion of rules and regulations. And, in order to live a happy and successful Islamic life, one needs to follow the kalaam of Allah (Swt) and righteous path of Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. If you live your life with Islamic blessings, then Insha Allah, nothing ever shall … Read more

Wazifa for Supplication To Have Blessings In Job and Business

Wazifa for Supplication To Have Blessings Every Muslim acknowledges the importance of supplication. The significance of supplication is so much that it can change your destiny. Yes, if you pray with complete dedication, intensity and devotion, Allah talah will certainly bestow you with the things that you supplicate for. The wazifa for supplication to have blessings is the best … Read more

Dua For Promotion In Job

Dua For Promotion At Work If you’re working very hard, but luck isn’t favoring you and you’re not able to get any promotion in your job, then do not lose heart. It may be possible that destiny isn’t supporting you. However, with the blessings of Allah (swt), you can surely make the impossible possible. When … Read more

Dua For New Business Success And Growth

Dua For New Business Growth We all need money to live our lives comfortably. Money truly is the most important thing for survival and thus we conduct business to earn it. If you’re thinking of commencing a new business, then your biggest concern is to make it grow and profitable. Well, for those who have … Read more

Jald Visa Hasil Karne Ke Liye Dua aur Wazifa

Jald Visa Hasil Karne Ke Liye Dua Lakho Muslim bhai behno ka khwab hota hai ki wo bahar jakar apni nayi zindagi ki shuruat kare. America, UK, Canada, Australia ka visa lagwaye aur ek kamyab zindagi ki shuruat kare. Agar aap bhi dusre mulk jane ka khwab dekhte hai lekin apko visa hasil karne mein … Read more

Powerful Prayer and Wazifa To Pay Off Debts Fast

Wazifa To Pay Off Debts Fast When you’re in debt, you seriously feel that you owe your life to someone and you are living your life under someone. Well, if you’re experiencing such a problem and you seriously wish to get out of your debt, then apart from putting efforts in your earning methods, you … Read more

Dua To Pay Off Debt Fast – Wazifa To Solve Financial Crisis

Dua To Pay Off Debt Fast In today’s time, often people experience fiscal crises in their lives and because of the crucial need for the money, they opt for loans. However, paying out the loan isn’t a simple task. You need to earn more than your expenses to pay off the debt. But, how to … Read more

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