Wazifa For Killing Or Cursing Enemy – Dua For Killing Enemy

No matter what your problem is and what answers you’re looking for, Islam has answers to all your questions. Yes, be it about your facing your enemy, cursing them or killing them, you have the best possible solution to your entire problem. You do not need to go away from the Islamic way to handle your friends and foes. If you’re really tired of your enemy and you do not have the patience to forgive them anymore, then you should recite the wazifa for killing or cursing enemy. The wazifa for killing or cursing enemy will help you get rid of your enemy. It will divert his mind from you and he will no longer trouble you.

Wazifa For Killing Or Cursing enemy

The wazifa for killing or cursing enemy will help you revile your enemy and help you avenge him in the best possible manner. It will make you stronger and predominant than your foe and allow you to effortlessly vanquish your foe. Your enemy will no longer be able to stand in combat against you or fight you. He will miserably fail in every attempt to harm you and all his attacks will fall back on him. Do not worry, it will be on a balance and you will be very content with the revenge you have taken.

Wazifa For Killing Or Cursing enemy

Amal For Cursing Enemy

However, if you wish to curse your enemy, then you should perform the following amal for cursing enemy.

  • Take a lemon and keep it with you.
  • After the sunset and when you’re done with the obligatory prayer of the night, recite Surah Kausar 1000 times and whenever you’re done 100 times blow it on the lemon and take the name of your enemy.
  • Perform this amal constantly for 21 days and then throw the lemon in deep water.
  • In no time, you will curse your enemy and avenge him the rightful manner.

In order to get rid of your enemy, you should recite the dua for killing enemy. The dua for killing enemy will make you see how your enemy suffers and reach to the miserably pathetic situation. They will stand helpless in front of you and a lot from your hand. However, your basic goal should be to avenge your enemy and seek justice. Indeed Allah (Subhan wa taalah) is with you and will help you punish all your sinners.

Dua For Killing Enemy

However, if you wish to know the minute details of the complete procedure and how accurate you are in taking your revenge, it is important that you consult an astrologer. The Islamic specialist will provide you with the right knowledge of what all needs to be done and what should be avoided. Facing your enemy in the light of Islam is the best way to seek vengeance.

So, just take your decision of what you are actually looking for to handle your enemy and then share it with the astrologer. With their guidance and suggestion, you will never face any other problem in your life from your enemy. Do not lose hope and be rigid. You will get justice and everything will be fine in your life once again.

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