Powerful Dua For Any Hajat

Almost every single person on this earth does have something or the other in his/ her heart to ask from the Almighty.  Some people may desire for worldly items, while others wish to get their problems solved. Some people wish to get aid for their illness or disease while others want favors for the afterlife. Thus, when you see from a wide perspective everyone has something or the other to ask from Allah (SWT) and Allah Talah has eased it for us by bestowing us with so many powerful dua for desires and amal to fulfill all types of hajat. If you recite the Powerful Wazifa For Any Wish, then Insha Allah, all your dreams, desires and every urgent hajat shall be fulfilled in the shortest span of time.

Wazifa For Wish In 3 Days

In case you’re looking for some instant solution for your urgent hajat, then you should speak to our Molvi Ji about it. Our Molvi sb. shall provide you with wazifa for desires & every urgent hajat and dua for urgent need. The wazifa will be of instant help and Insha Allah, the Almighty will grant your wish as soon as possible. However, you do need to have complete faith in the wazifa and Allah (SWT). Remember, only Allah Talah can fulfill your wish. If you wish for something legit and halal and with the right heart and complete sincerity, then you will surely be provided with it.

So, just have faith and perform the amal as directed and you will get what you want. Even if your hajat is taking time to fulfill, it is the plan of the Almighty for indeed He will give you what you deserve.

Prayer For Wish Fulfillment

Those people who supplicate sincerely, keeping all the required conditions in mind, they definitely get their Muslim prayer for every urgent wish answered. Sometimes, our regular prayers do not seem to work. It could be because your mode of approach is not right or you are not in the right condition to ask for that thing or maybe that thing isn’t good for you. Remember Allah knows the best for us and He shall only give you the right thing at the right time. But in the real world, when you really have a strong hajat for something, then you do have special Muslim prayer for every urgent wish along with dua for urgent need. The dua for desires really helps in fulfilling every urgent hajat.

The dua for urgent need is mentioned below –

  •        Perform this wazifa after midnight.
  •        Pray 2 Rakat Nafil namaz and in every Sajdah and after getting up from the Sajdah recite this dua 25 times.
  •        “Bismillah Hir Rehmanir Raheem, Ya Ghiyyasal Mustaghseen”
  •         Once you’re done with the namaz, look up towards the sky and recite this dua 30 times.
  •         “Minal Abdidh- Dhaleel Ilal Mawlal Jaleel”
  •         Then pray for your hajat. You should literally beg, plead and cry in front of the Almighty to get your wish granted.
  •         Insha Allah, in a few days, you will see that your desire will transform into reality and things will be better for you.

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