Taweez, Dua And Wazifa For Protection From Supernatural Creatures

In Islamic mythology, jinn or jinnat are called supernatural creatures. They possess supernatural power and thus have the ability to grant you anything you desire. Jinn has been bestowed with this power from Allah (Subhan wa taala) and they make all your wishes come true. However, one should know that jinn can be wicked and good. Sometimes jinnat is equivalent to an angel while at other times; they are near to equal to a demon. In order to prevent yourself from the bad jinns, you need to recite the wazifa for protection from supernatural creatures.

Wazifa For Protection From Supernatural Creatures

Jinn resides somewhere in a different world away from us where we can’t see them but they are very close to us. However, it is important to keep yourself protected from them. Have you noticed someone getting rich overnight? Well, you can also become rich in the shortest span of time. And, this magic can happen if you contact jinn and make friends with him. You can call the jinn speaking to the Islamic astrologer about it. They will guide you with the best possible solution to call jinn and you will have him right in front of you. He will be your mate and guide you in all the important decisions of your life.

Dua For Protection From Supernatural Creatures

However, it is very important to stay alert from jinn as they may harm you if they get angry. Thus, you should also recite the dua for protection from supernatural creatures. The dua will help you keep the jinn in your control and you can achieve anything through him. They will make all your wishes come true. The Islamic dua will protect you from the wrath of the jinn and you will never have any trouble from him.

Dua For Protection From Supernatural Creatures

Taweez For Protection From Supernatural Creatures

But remember if you are surrounded by mischievous and devilish jinn, then it is very important that you seek instant help from the astrologer and get them out of your life. The astrologer will provide you with taweez for protection from supernatural creatures. You will always be protected and be in the light of Allah (Subhan wa taala). So, keep the taweez with you and perform the wazifa as directed by the astrologer.

The wazifa for protection from supernatural creatures is provided below for your help –

  • Write the below-mentioned dua on a paper and every night make sure that you read it once before sleeping and you can also keep it under your mattress while sleeping, in order to keep its charm close to you.
  • In sha Allah, this method will protect you from misdeeds of all types of supernatural beings.

The dua is – Ha Za Kitabi Min Muhammadin Rasullulahi Rabbal Alimeen. Ala Man Tarakad Dara Minal Ummaraw Waz Zawwara Wash Shayateeni Illa Tarakayi Yat Ruku Be Gairin Yarah Mano Amma Ba’ada Fa Inna Lana Wa Lakum Fil Hakka Sa Aa Ta Tako Aashiqan Mule An Aw Fajeran Muktaheman Aura Eyan Hakkan Mubtelan Haza Ketabul Lahi Tan Teku Alaina Wa Alaikum Bil Hakka Inna Kunna Nas Takn Sikh Ma Kuntum Ta’alamuna Wa Rusulana Yak Tubuna Ma Tam Kurun.

In sha Allah, you will get its benefits very soon. In case you do not get desired results, speak to an Islamic astrologer instantly.

Peer Muhammad Qadri

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