Dua And Wazifa To Get Rid Of Nightmares

Bad dreams and frightening nightmares is really a bad disease which is very often taken lightly by those who experience it. One needs to get rid of it as soon as possible. The longer you take for measures, the more troubled your life gets. Hence you need to cure it in the shortest span of time. A dream is nothing but a replica of the real world thus when you secure yourself in a dream you protect yourself from satanic attack in the real world. The wazifa to get rid of nightmares is very helpful in getting rid of bad dreams. In sha Allah, you will stop getting such dreams eventually.

Wazifa To Get Rid Of Nightmares

Often when you’re asleep, you see a horrible dream and it drastically scares you not just in a dream but in the real world too. You fail to see the reality and stay scared. This may affect your mental balance. It may hamper your brain activities. Thus, it is very important to perform the dua to get rid of nightmares. It will not just help you avoid such dreams in the future but will strengthen you to stop fearing such things and be mentally strong.

Dua To Get Rid Of Nightmares

When you are attacked in your dreams, sometimes you are immensely frightened and you wake up. Often you scream in your dreams and wake up. Sometimes you cry in your dreams and you wake up with tears in your eyes. These things are not normal. They are scary, frustrating and need your attention as soon as possible. And if you cannot handle it on your own, then it is advisable that you seek help from an Islamic astrologer.

Wazifa To Get Rid Of Nightmares

Dua To Stop Bad Dreams

The Islamic experts have all the knowledge about these bad dreams and nightmare and they will suggest you the correct procedure to overcome these situations in your life. You just have to speak about the kind of nightmares you witness at night and then they will prescribe with the best dua to stop bad dreams. The dua is very powerful and it will wipe out all the satanic impact from your life and you will no longer have such dreams while sleeping.

Wazifa To Stop Bad Dreams

The wazifa to stop bad dreams or wazifa to get rid of nightmares is mentioned below –

  • Make fresh ablution.
  • Recite Durood Shareef thrice.
  • Recite this dua 11 times “Bismillahi Auzu Bikali Matil Laahit Taa’amati Wa Minash Shaitani Wa Min Ha Mati Wa Auzu Bikali Matit Ta’am Ma’aati Kullaha Min Sharra Ma Khalaka Wa Zara Wa Ba Ra Aa’ Wa Min Sharrab Iba Dihi Wa Min Sharra Hama Zatish Shayateeni Wa Ayi Yah Zuroon”
  • Recite Durood Shareef thrice in the end.
  • Blow it on a glass of water and drink.
  • In sha Allah, you will never get a bad dream or nightmares during sleep.
  • Practice it daily till you start seeing results in this regard.

In case, the amal doesn’t work on you, then speak to the astrologer instantly. Maybe your matter is a little different and regards personal attention. So, without wasting any time, speak to him immediately about it and get help.

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