Surah, Prayer, Wazifa and Dua To Keep Shaytan Away

Shaytan has been declared as the biggest enemy of mankind. Apart from good actions and rightful deeds, the dua to keep shaytan away will help you stay holy and good in life and hereafter. One needs to seek refuge from Satan by performing the surah, dua, and wazifa to keep him away. When you recite the dua for protection from Shaytan, he is forbidden to cast his spell on you. He keeps his evil eye away from you and cannot divert your mind towards wrongful deeds. You will no longer suffer from any satanic problem.

Surah To Keep Shaytan Away

The Surah to keep shaytan away is short and simple to remember. It will protect you from Satan. Once you develop the habit of reciting the surah daily in your life, you will see a change in your actions, thoughts and daily life. Things will start happening for the better and you will no longer be tricked by the satan. Even if he tries to indulge you in bad things or harm you in any way, it will protect you from it and you will no longer be affected by it.

Prayer To Keep Shaytan Away

If you feel that every time you try to get pious and religious, you are diverted by the satan and his devilish acts. If you feel that Satan doesn’t allow to give your full support towards Allah (SWT), then the prayer to keep shaytan away will keep him away from you and he shall no longer have the authority to divert your mind by any means. You will see that you will be very much dedicated to Allah (SWT) and Islamic deeds and there will nothing in your life that can keep you away from the Almighty. So, just recite the prayer with full devotion and dedication and In sha Allah, you will get positive results, very soon.

Dua To Keep Shaytan Away

Dua To Keep Shaytan Away

The dua to keep shaytan away is given here – Audhu Bil Lahis Sameeil Aleem Minash Shai Taa Nir Rajeem Min Hamzih Wa Nafkhih Wa Naf Thih.

Recite this dua as much as you can to stay away from the satan. When you recite it day and night, you will see that none of your activities will be influenced by the devil. Everything in your life will be organized and according to Islamic rules and regulations. So, do not waste a single day and begin it today.

Wazifa To Keep Shaytan Away

In case, you wish to speak to an astrologer about it and get all your doubts clear, you can do so. The astrologer will guide you with the right procedure and they will tell you in detail about the dos and don’ts. So, it is better you begin after consulting an expert.

Satan is always present amongst us and he does everything to divert our mind from the righteous deeds. However, with the help of the wazifa to keep shaytan away, you can get rid of it and your mind will always be free from doing foul things. You will no longer get influenced by him. Try it out today and see it for yourself!

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