Powerful Amal, Wazifa and Dua To Defeat Enemy

Whether you agree with this fact or not, but dua and wazifa can help you solve all the problems of your life. Islam has solutions to all your worldly and after world issues. Whether it is related to marriage, business, finance, enemies or friends, you have rohani ilaj for every purpose. However, in order to get solution for these problems, you have to seek help from Islamic experts who have all the knowledge about Quran and Hadith. If your enemy is troubling you and you wish to defeat him in a legit and halal way, then you should recite dua to defeat enemy. The dua is very powerful and will help you overcome your enemy in every way.

Wazifa And Dua To Defeat Enemy

If your enemy challenges you in your daily life and causes problems for you, then you shouldn’t be afraid of him/ her. Instead, seek refuge in the light of Allah (Swt) and very soon He will destroy your enemies. The dua will bestow you with courage and strength to fight your enemy. Then you will feel far more superior and powerful than your enemy. And eventually, you will overcome him in all the fights. If you feel that you aren’t capable enough to fight your enemy. Then you should seek instant help from an Islamic scholar. The Molvi will guide you with the right wazifa to defeat enemy and henceforth your enemy will never win from you.

Powerful Wazifa For Enemy

If your enemy is causing you constant harm and your life is in danger cause of him and he doesn’t let you live peacefully for a single day, then you should definitely perform this powerful wazifa for enemy. It will help you find a way to get rid of him. And Insha Allah after this, your enemy will not be able to cause any further harm to you. However, you need to take permission before commencing this wazifa.


The method for the dua for enemy is given below –

  • After the obligatory prayer of evening, i.e. after sunset take a lemon and keep it in front of you.
  • Then begin reciting Surah Kausar 1000 times in such a way that after you complete 100 times you blow it on the lemon by taking the name of your enemy.
  • Repeat this process for 21 days without a break. And then throw the lemon in deep water say well or river.
  • Your enemy will be destroyed.

Amal To Defeat Enemy

The amal to defeat enemy is very powerful and should be done with great caution. It is very important to seek guidance of the astrologer before beginning it. Do not lose hope. It will wipe out the name of your enemy. And you will never face any challenge from him/ her again in your life.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you should perform this amal to defeat enemy only for a valid purpose i.e. when you really have a challenging enemy in front of you. Do not make fun of the amal and do it with great caution and care for a perfect result.

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