Enemies Wazifa and Dua

Amal, Taweez And Strongest Wazifa For Enemy


The wazifa for enemy will help you get safety and security from your enemy if they are planning to do any type of harm to you. You need to the recite the below-mentioned verses of Surah Baqarah daily as directed below to fulfill your desires. Insha Allah you will be awarded complete freedom and safety against your enemy.

Strongest Wazifa For Enemy

  • Sit in isolation after making fresh ablution.
  • Recite it 100 times, but every time you read it, say the name of your enemy in a very low voice.
  • When you’re performing the wazifa do not tell any lies or say anything unlawful actions as per Islam.
  • The verse is “Fa Lamma A’aDha At Ma Hau Lahu Dha Ha Bal Lahu Be Nurihim Wa Ta Ra Ka Hum Fi Dhulu Matil La Yubseruna Summun Bukmun Um Yun Fahum La Yar Ji’oon”
  • Recite it for as many days as you can in order to wipe out every sign of your enemy from your life.
  • Insha Allah, you will have a very happy and peaceful life ahead.

Amal For Enemy

The right way to commence any wazifa is only after you consult an astrologer. The Islamic specialist has all the power to understand your problem and provide you with appropriate rohani treatment. With their help, you can easily get rid of your enemy. They provide you complete guidance with the amal for enemy and very soon you shall be out of the trap. Do not worry. Speak your heart out first to get an accurate suggestion for your matter. None of your details will go out and you shall face no consequences.

Taweez For Enemy

Strongest Wazifa For Enemy

You can also ask for the taweez for enemy from the astrologer. The taweez is very powerful and will help you keep your enemy away from you. You will never face any problem with them again. If your enemy is very annoying and he troubles you for no reason just in order to show his supremacy and dominance in your life, then you should make him calm. You should get the taweez. With the help of the taweez, he will stop harming you purposelessly and calm down. If there is any chance of him doing malicious deeds and cause trouble in your life, then it will be very helpful in keeping them at bay.

Have complete faith in the wazifa and perform it with full dedication. Indeed Allah Talah helps those who help themselves and seek refuge in His light. So, keep praying and fighting for your rights. However, remember you should not perform this wazifa for illegible purpose or on anyone who is innocent. If you do it, you will be responsible for the harm caused to you. Only use it with the right intention on the person who holds the intention to harm you.

If your enemy doesn’t show any mercy on you and mercilessly causes harm to you, then the strongest wazifa for enemy will be your shield. It will protect you and prohibit all the attempts of your enemy to harm you and you shall always be secure and protected.

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