Wazifa For Husband Stop Bad Habits And Drug Addiction

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Wazifa For Husband Stop Bad Habits

Wazifa for Husband Stop Bad Habits: In today’s time, people have grown ignorant and illogical. They use evil addictions and illegal activities to hurt their own body and life. We all know that drug addiction and alcohol is prohibited in Islam still, there are many Muslim brothers and even sisters who are involved in such bad practices. They fail to recognize that they are not only going against the rules of Islam but also damaging their own bodies. This drug and alcohol addiction will only lead to damage to life here as well as after death.

The people involved in such bad habits not only make their life a living hell but also disturb the lifestyle of the people living with them. If your husband is involved in such bad activities then only the wazifa for husband stop bad habits can help you. There are many shohar or husband who hit their wives or biwi after drinking alcohol or consuming drugs, they even treat their kids and other family members badly. Such issues are very terrifying and embarrassing as well, which is why we want to share the wazifa for husband to stop bad habits with you to help and guide you.

How to Get Rid of Bad Habits in 21 days with Powerful Wazifa?

If you are tired of finding a solution then here’s a way to tell how to get rid of bad habits in 21 days with powerful wazifa.

In the name of ALLAH SUBHAN WAA TAALA and his messenger PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SALLAL LAAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM), we would like to discuss a very powerful and strong wazifa for drug addiction and bad habits. This wazifa will INSHA ALLAH prove very beneficial for the people (male as well as female) who are involved in all kinds of bad habits and evil addictions such as – adultery,  drug addiction, alcohol abuse, gambling, masturbation, pornography, smoking, and other evil practices, etc.

Wazifa For Drug Addiction and Bad Habits

The wazifa for drug addiction and bad habits is –

Recite the Islamic dua to remove drug addictions and alcohol – Al Wadood / الودود (900 times)

You need to do this wazifa after reading the namaz of Salaatul Isha. This wazifa can be performed by the person who is an addict or by someone who is disturbed by the bad habits of an addict. You can even ask any pious person you know to perform this wazifa on your behalf. Our Molvi ji also perform the wazifa for the betterment of people on request. This wazifa need to be performed for 21 days without creating any gap. Women must not perform this wazifa during their menstrual periods.

Islamic Dua To Remove Drug Addictions and Alcohol

You need to daily perform this wazifa, as told and then blow your breathe on a glass of cold water and make the addict or person involved in bad habits, drink it. You can raise your hands after the namaz and wazifa to make Islamic dua to remove drug addictions and alcohol along with bad habits to ALLAH SUBHAN WAA TAALA.

INSHA ALLAH, very soon yours prayers will be answered. Always perform this wazifa after seeking permission from Molvi ji.

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