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Dua For Diabetes From The Quran – Surah Yunus Se Sugar Ka Ilaj


Dua For Diabetes From The Quran

We have brought the dua for diabetes from the Quran for you. Recite it every day and INSHA ALLAH you will be cured. This is a tested and tried dua for diabetes from the Quran for sugar patients and it works 100% if recited, without any mistake. It is one best Qurani solutions for diabetes patients but the condition is that you must earn halal income and offer the compulsory farz namaz, every day, on time.

Surah Yunus treatment for diabetes from Quran to get rid of this disease

Most of our visitors ask us, “Quran me sugar se bachne ka ilaj hai”? My dearly loved Muslim brothers and sisters, there is no condition, disease, illness or problem whose solution in not given in Quran. Quran is a book of complete guidance for the Ummah, it is us; the dumb followers who fail to understand and make use of the blessings given in this Holy book.  So, believe in Quran and it will always guide you and never fail you.

Quran Me Sugar Se Bachne ka Ilaj – Surah Yunus

Surah Yunus is a makki surah with 109 verses in it. It is said, “If a person who is diabetic may recite this Surah for 3 months, he will be rewarded”. This Surah helps in identifying the troubles of your body and in killing it. So, you can start your treatment with Surah Yunus treatment for diabetes from Quran to get rid of your high sugar level. If the patient is not able to recite the dua, then his or her near ones can also do it for him or her.

We know you must be consulting the best doctor that you can afford but along with the medical treatment we request you to plead to ALLAH SUBHAN WAA TAALA, and request for curing diabetes as soon as possible. We have mentioned the way for Surah Yunus se sugar ka ilaj. You must read it carefully and then reach us through email or call to take permission before starting this procedure.

Surah Yunus Se Sugar Ka Ilaj

Surah Yunus se sugar ka ilaj – Take a glass of clean water at normal temperature; keep it in front of you before starting the procedure. This Islamic treatment to cure diabetes has to be done before in morning before the compulsory prayer or namaz. Start with reciting DUROOD E PAK 3 TIMES, then recite DUROOD E IBRAHIMI 3 TIMES and then read the SURAH YUNUS ONCE & blow your breathe in the glass of water. You can do the same procedure on Ajwa Khajoor, if you have them.

You can mix the glass water in a bottle to increase its quantity and then drink it all day. Make sure that the water must not fall anywhere; it should only be used for drinking purpose by the patient. Do this Surah Yunus treatment for diabetes from Quran for 2 months, Insha Allah; you’ll be cured with high sugar level and diabetes, very soon, ALHAMDULILLAH.

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