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Wazifa And Dua To Stop Eyes From Committing Sin


If you have the bad habit of watching movies or porn, then you are certainly not on the right path. Sometimes, a person gets spoiled by the company he keeps. One rotten apple can damage the whole container. Thus, the right idea is to leave such type of people. However, if you are struggling hard to give up this habit of yours, then the dua to stop eyes from committing sin could be of great help to you. You will refrain from doing such actions and your heart will not allow you to do it.

Dua To Stop Eyes From Committing Sin

Satan plays a major role in diverting your mind towards committing such sins. He enlightens the love for this stuff in your heart and creates curiosity and lust for such things. He enhances your addiction level and thus, you fail to give up on it. However, with a strong will, dedication and devotion, you can very well keep yourself restrained from doing such things. Watching movies the whole day is a big no-no. You shouldn’t give your eyes so much stress and moreover, it is a sin for which you have to pay on the Day of Judgment. So, it is better if you avoid it now.

Wazifa To Stop Eyes From Committing Sin

The wazifa to stop eyes from committing sin will help you prohibit watching movies and songs and your heart will no longer go on this illegal way. Islam gives you clear instruction about the sins that one commits through their eyes. When you avoid doing these sins, then only your eyes will pledge for you on the Judgment day. So, in order to gain Jannah and avoid getting punished for the sins committed through your eyes, you should recite the dua to stop eyes from committing sin mentioned below. It will help you control your eyes and you will resist watching bad things.

The wazifa to stop eyes from committing sin is given below –

  • “Wa Ahdiyaka Ila Rabbika Fatak Sha”
  • Recite this dua 101 times at any point of the day and blow it on your hands and then rub it on your eyes.
  • And till the time, your eyes stop demanding such things you have to continue.
  • You have to do it after making fresh ablution.
  • The dua can be recited by a boy or girl but girls shouldn’t do it during the 7 days of their menses.

Insha Allah, very soon with the help of the above-given wazifa to stop eyes from committing sin, you will see that you will yourself not want to watch any bad videos, movies or songs.

Amal To Stop Eyes From Committing Sin

So, be positive and have faith in the dua. Recite it with complete confidence and indeed Allah Talah will award you with what you desire. If you want you can also speak to the astrologer about it. The astrologer will guide you with the right procedure and provide you with rigid amal to stop eyes from committing sin.

The amal to stop eyes from committing sin is very powerful and it will help you serve your purpose well. Share what your eyes have seen and what all you now do not wish to see at all. They will surely render the best solutions to you and you will get what you want in the shortest span of time.

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