Taweez, Wazifa And Dua For Protection Of House

Dua For The Protection Of House

Every moment you should thank Allah (SWT) for the luxuries and good things that He has bestowed you with. Right from your safety to the safety of your house, everything happens with the wish of Allah (SWT). Thus, when you’re in the refuge of Allah talah, no enemy can harm you or hurt you in any way. With the help of the dua for protection of house, your house is secured from all evils, witchcraft, black magic spells and jinns. You will never face any trouble in your house till the time you recite this prayer.

Wazifa For The Protection Of House

If your enemy is trying to harm you or do damage your living and performs the magic spell on your house, then the wazifa for the protection of house will help you stop all these things from happening. Apart from it, nothing else will work on such satanic things. With the mercy of Allah (SWT) your house will be a safer place to live in and no satan or devil or jinn can trouble you. The wazifa is very effective and will give you the desired results in a short span of time.

Taweez For The Protection Of House

The dua is from Quran and has been provided to you in the light of Quran and Sunnah. You can also get the taweez for the protection of house from an Islamic astrologer. The specialist will be your perfect guide and he will himself draft the taweez for you. All you need to do is explain the problems you’re facing and the situation of your house. Once you have explained, you will get a taweez for it accordingly. You have to frame it and hang it in your living room. In case, someone tries to harm you or do black magic on your house, the frame of the glass will break, indicating that some evil activity has been done on your house, but because of the taweez no harm will be caused.

Amal For Protection Of House

Dua For Protection Of House

Speak to the astrologer instantly if the glass breaks. You can also perform the amal for protection of house. The amal will help you keep your house secure. Just recite Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falak and Surah Naas thrice in the day and blow it a water bottle. Spray the water all over your house. In sha Allah, no evil thing or jinn or bad effects will ever enter your house.

If you’re really worried that your enemy may harm your house and do bad things on it and eventually hamper the security of your home, then this is the best possible thing you can do to combat it. Do not be scared. In sha Allah, all his intentions will fail and everything will be better on your side. If you see that the amal hasn’t done much good to you, then maybe you require the taweez also. So, just talk to him about it and nail the taweez in your living room or bedroom. It will surely give you the best results in a short span of time and all wicked things will leave your home instantly.

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