Rizq Ke Liye Dua

Rizq Ke Liye Dua  Aaj ke waqt mein har bacha paise ki keemat jaanta hai aur wo ye bhi samajhta hai ki badi mushakkat se paise aate hai. Halal rozi mehnat maangti hai aur sath mein chahti hai Allah (Swt) ka sath. Isliye agar aap apni jayaz rozi mein izafa chahta hai, Allah (Swt) ki … Read more

Istikhara For Business – Wazifa and Amal For Increase In Sustenance

Wazifa For Sustenance Istikhara For Business: Sustenance or rizq is the base of every person living on this planet. Without it, your life will reach its end. For your basic necessities, luxuries, desires. And wants, you need money in your pocket and this is what your rizq comprises of. And, if you increase your sustenance, … Read more

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