What is Islamic Amal?

Amal in general terms, means good deeds or beneficial and beautiful
acts performed according to the will of Allah Subhan Wa Taalah.
Doing righteous deeds are mentioned right after Believing in Allah, in
the Holy QURAN. Those who believe in the existence of Supreme power,
no one but Allah, he or she has to support the faith with the Acts of
Worship. These acts of worship are known as Amal in Islam.

How Islamic Amal is Performed?

To perform an amal, you need to have complete knowledge. For instance,
the maghrib prayer have 3 raakats of Farz in it, but if you will
recite four raakats in its place, then it is a wrong amal or act of
worship. Similarly, for every reason, the Molvi Sahib will guide you
with the right amal and you need perform it, as told by the Alim.

How Performing Islamic Amal is Beneficial for You?

To understand the benefits of amal, you need to understand the
difference between Faith and good deeds (amal). Believing in Almighty
is faith, avoiding righteous acts is taqwa and doing a good deed is
Amal is the second most significant deed to be done after attaining
the knowledge of Islam. So, Allah has promised his blessings for those
who perform Amal in the correct way and for those who are learning
them. Since, it is promised by the creator therefore the benefits it
may offer to the mankind, are countless & we shall never fall short
while performing an Amal.

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