Dua, Amal and Wazifa To Remain Hidden From Enemy Sight

Wazifa To Remain Hidden From Enemy Sight

This is the most efficient Quranic wazifa to keep you away and adversary located. It will keep you away from the eyes of your enemy and they will not be able to hurt you or harm you in anyway. The wazifa to remain hidden from enemy sight is mentioned below:

  • Sit on the floor, especially muddy floor if available.
  • Recite the last five verses of Surah Hashr 21 times and keep your fingers pointed towards north east west and south.
  • After that make a security circle around you.
  • It will protect you from the sight of your enemy and you will be undetectable to your enemies.
  • In sha Allah, you will remain hidden from the sight of your foes.

Dua To Remain Hidden From Enemy Sight

At times you are not prepared for the big time and you definitely need your own space and time. But, if your enemy has planned his attack on you, then hiding is the best possible option. When you recite the dua to remain hidden from enemy sight, you can easily escape his sight. There will be no way in which your enemy can detect your presence. He will try hard to find you but will fail every time and eventually all his ideas and plans to harm you and hurt you will fail. So, do not worry!

Amal To Remain Hidden from Enemy Sight

Wazifa To Remain Hidden From Enemy Sight

Very often you see that your enemy comes all prepared to attack you. He has all the weapons and arms to hurt you and you have no way to escape. Well under such circumstances, you should perform the amal to remain hidden from enemy sight and keep yourself protected and alive. Trust you me, with the help of this amal, your enemy will fail to detect your presence, even if he is standing in the same room. Allah (swt) will blind his eye sight for you and he will not be able to find you anywhere around. The amal will keep you protected from all your enemies’ sight.

Taweez To Remain Hidden From Enemy Sight

They will be blinded by Allah (Subhan wa taalah). Just have faith in the wazifa and pray as directed. You will see its results on your own. You can also speak to the astrologer about it. If you fear of any attack from your enemy and want to hide yourself from his eye sight, then speak to the astrologer about it. The Islamic expert will provide you taweez to remain hidden from enemy sight. The taweez will work as your protection seal and keep you secure from all your enemies.

When you’re really tensed about how to avoid your enemy and you do not find any means, then this dua is your best possible solution. You do not have to do anything to escape. You do not have to leave the town or anything like that. So, why not give it a try and get rid of your enemy forever. If the dua doesn’t provide you desired results, then you should speak to the astrologer about it. He will provide you with the taweez and you will have perfect security for yourself.


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