Wazifa To Destroy Enemy – Dua Prayer and Taweez For Your Enemies

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy – Dua Prayer and Taweez For Your Enemies
December 15, 2018 | By: admin

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy

Sometimes, it is our own people who bring the maximum damage to our lives. Very often you see your friends turning into foes. The people who were once your dearest suddenly start hating you and become your enemies. However, if someone like this has turned into your foe, and you’re facing such a situation in your life, then the wazifa to destroy enemy will help you get rid of them. The dua will wipe out the influence of your enemies from your life and you will live a clean and filtered life.

Well, Allah (Swt) doesn’t allow revenge and asks to forgive your enemies. However, He doesn’t stop you from punishing your enemies for the wrongs they have done to you. The wazifa to destroy enemy will not just help you send back the wrong motive of enemies but will also help you get revenge in the exactly same amount and manner. The wazifa will bring harm to your enemy as he has been thinking to do to you. It will punish him for the wrong deeds he/ she has done for you. They will suffer from the same thing which they have planned for you.

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Dua Prayer For Your Enemies

Feel free to speak to the astrologer about how and why your enemy has been troubling you all this time and they will prescribe the best prayer for your enemies. The prayer will help you punish your enemies and send back their misdeeds.


You have to recite this dua as many times as you can and In sha Allah, your enemy will very soon experience fallout.

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“Allah Humma Rabbas Samaawaatis Saab’I Waa Raab Baal Arshil Adheem Kun Lee Jaaran Min (take the name of your enemy here) Waa Aahzabihi Min Khalaa Iqikaa Aan Yafrutaa Alayya Aahdun Minhum Aaw Yaatgha Azajaruka Wajala Thanaa Uka Wa Laa Ilaahaa Illa Anta”

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy

Recite this prayer daily and blow it on the picture of your enemy and very soon you will see the destruction of your enemy right before your eyes. Do not be scared. The dua is very simple and effective. However, read it only when you really have a villainous enemy in front of you. In case you can solve your enmity by talking, then it is advisable that do not cause any harm to your enemy.

Taweez for Your Enemies

It takes ages to end enmity. However when you perform prayer for your enemies, things start settling down. It brings a change in the nature and attitude of your enemy. It will change the heart of your enemy and he will no longer think of harming you. If you are worried about your security, then you can get the taweez for your enemies. Taweez will work as protection for you and your family and you people will be secure from the malicious attacks of your enemy.

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Have complete faith in the dua and recite it with a clear heart. Insha Allah, you will get desirable results in just a few days. Do not lose hope and in case of any emergency, speak to the astrologer instantly.

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