Wazifa for Wife To Come Back and Love Husband

Wazifa for Wife To Come Back and Love Husband
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Wazifa for Wife To Come Back and Love Husband

If your wife has left you and gone to her home and she is angry with you but you want her to come back to you, then you should perform the wazifa for wife to come back and love husband. With the help of this wazifa, not only you will get your wife back but she will also love you madly and never leave you and go. The wazifa is very powerful and will yield desired results in a short span of time. All you need to do is perform is with great dedication and devotion and Insha Allah, very soon you will get results.

The wazifa for wife to love husband is mentioned below –

  • Recite “La Haw La Wa Laa Qu Waata Illa Billah” 40 times,
  • Recite “Ya Ar Hamar Rahimeen” 70 times.
  • Then pray for your wife to come back to you and to love you with all her heart.
  • Insha Allah, your wife will come back to you immediately.

Wazifa for Wife To Love Her Husband

A lot of wives take their husbands for granted. They do not treat them well and are quite careless in their relationship. However, you surely cannot spend your whole life with such a person. You need to bring a change in her. But, if your words are not able to bring any change in her, then you should recite the wazifa for wife to love her husband. The wazifa for wife to love her husband will change the very nature of your wife. She will become responsible and will love you just like a wife should.

Wazifa for Wife To Come Back and Love Husband

You can also get customized wazifa for wife to love husband from our molvi sb. He will guide with you the correct wazifa for your purpose and will help you all through the procedure. Do not lose hope. If your wife is mischievous and she doesn’t listen to you, then the wazifa for wife to love her husband is the best remedy for you. Your wife will change and start caring for you.

Wazifa for Wife To Be Obedient

If your wife doesn’t treat you well and misbehaves with you, but you still love her and want her to change then the wazifa for wife to be obedient will help you in the best way. Just recite the wazifa as directed and you will see that in a few days, your wife will start behaving with you well. She will care for you and perform all her duties in the right manner. Do not lose hope. If your wife is friends with males and she likes to talk to them, then also you should recite the wazifa for wife to be obedient. The wazifa for wife to be obedient will change her habits and she will become a better person.

If your wife leaves the house every now and then and sits at her own house for days, then perform the wazifa for wife to come back and love husband. Insha Allah, very soon all your problems will get solved and you will never face such a situation again in your life. In case of immediate help, contact molvi ji now!


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