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Wazifa For Success In Exams – Pass Hone Ki Dua


Wazifa For Success In Exams: Do you have examination fear or anxiety? Do you fear that you will not be able to secure good marks in your exam? Do you forget everything when you hold the paper in your hands? Well, if this is the case with you, then Urdu wazifa for success in exams will help you out. The wazifa is meant to bring benefits to your exam marks. It will help you in enhancing your learning skills and boost confidence in you. It will also help you in earning high numbers in your exams.

At times, students get overwhelmed and they may not be able to write their papers properly, even after knowing things. Well, Urdu wazifa for success in exams will help you in easing things for you and earning you amazing marks in your papers. If you have already given your exams, then the pass hone ki dua will help you in getting better marks. Recite the dua with firm belief and with the certainty that Allah Talah will guide you in better ways to get success in your exams. Insha Allah, your results will be very good.

Wazifa For Success In Exams

Pass Hone Ki Dua

If you are just going to sit in the paper, then wazifa for exam success will help you out. Recite the wazifa before giving your paper and Insha Allah, your paper will go very well. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to study for the exam. You need to be very prepared and Insha Allah, nothing will affect your results. If you are worried that your exams haven’t gone very well, then pass hone ki dua will bring some relief to you. It will add to your exam marks and help you secure good grades.

Never lose faith in the doings of Allah talah, whatever happens, is for your good. So, keep reciting wazifa for exam success and Insha Allah, you will definitely pass with flying colors. You can get the procedure of pass hone ki dua from our molvi sb. He will guide you the dua in Urdu if you want. So, feel free to discuss the dua and get it in any language you want. You should recite the Urdu wazifa for success in exams right from the day of your exams till the date you have received your results. Surely your results will be great and better than the previous one.

Urdu Wazifa For Success In Exams

Urdu wazifa for success in exams is given below:

“Fa Inna Has Bakal Laaho Huwal Lazee Ayyadaka Bi nasrihi Wa Bil Mumineen”

Before going to appear for your exam, recite this dua 7 times and blow all over you.

Insha Allah, you will definitely be successful in giving your exam. Recite this dua before all your examination papers and you will secure great marks.

Dua For Success In Exam

Dua For Success In Exam: Imtihan ka dar har bache ke dil mein hota hai. Sab ye sochte hai ki kis tarah se wo sab kuch yaad karle aur imtihan mein sabse ache number le aye. Lekin har bache ke ache number ana mumkin nahi. Kayi martaba bache dar ke haal mein galti kar baithte hai, kayi martaba jaise hi unke hath mein imtihan ke kagaz aate hai wo sab bhul jate hai. Kuch bache thik se sabak yaad nahi kar pate. Lekin har cheez ka hal Allah Talah ke paas hai.

Aap imtihan me kamyabi ke liye dua urdu me mange aur Insha Allah, aapke imtihan mein bahot ache number ayenge. Agar aap imtihan de chuke hai aur aapko dar hai ki aap fail ho jayenge toh bhi aap imtihan me kamyabi ke liye dua urdu me Allah Talah mange. Aap dekhenge ki aapki jitni bhi mehnat hai wo rang layegi aur aap ache number se paas ho jayenge. Agar aap imtihan me sabse awwal ana chahte hai toh aap dua for success in exam parhe. Is dua ki madad se aap apni class mein awwal ayenge.

Dua For Success In Exams

Imtihan Me Kamyabi Ke Liye Dua Urdu Me

Kayi martaba waldain apne bacho ke parhai ke liye behad pareshan hote hai. Wo unke kamyabi ke liye dua karte hai. Agar aap bhi chahte hai ki aapki aulad imtihan mein sabse ache number laye toh aap dua for success in exam parhe. Ye dua aapke bache ki har kamzori ko mazbuti mein badal degi. Usko sabak yaad nahi hote toh hone lagenge. Agar wo parhai mein kamzor hai toh wo mazbut ho jayega. Agar use imtihan dene se dar lagta hai toh wo badal jayega. Imtihan me kamyabi ke liye dua urdu me aapke bache ko ilm ke raste mein mazbut kar dega.

Parhai Me Dil Lagane Ka Wazifa

Aap parhai me dil lagane ka wazifa parhe taki ape bache ka dil khel kud se hat jaye aur parhai mein lage. Aksar kuch bache parhai mein bilkul mann nahi lagate jiski wajah se unke number nahi ate. Agar aap parhai me dil lagane ka wazifa ka istemal karenge toh aapke bache ka na sirf parhne mein dil lagega balki usko cheezein bhi jaldi se yaad hongi. Aap imtihan me kamyabi ke liye dua urdu me bhi humare molvi sb. ke zariye hasil kar sakte hai. Insha Allah, aapke bache ko kamyabi hasil hogi.

Imtihan Me Kamyabi Ke Liye Dua Urdu Me niche di hai:

Nich di gayi dua ko aap har namaz ke baad 21 martaba parhe. Awwal akhir mein 3-3 martaba Durood Shareef mila le. 

Durood Shareef ye hai “Allah Humma Salli Wa Sallim Wa Barik Ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Nabbiyil Kamili Wa Ala Alihi Kama La Nihayati La Kamalika Wa Adada Kamalihi”

“Astagfirullah Rabbi Min Kulli Zambin Atubu Ilaihi”

Insha Allah, aapko apne har imtihaan mein kamyabi hasil hogi. Ye dua aap jab tak parhe jab tak aapke imtihaan ka natija aapke hath na ajaye. Uske baad rok de. Agar koi sawalat ho toh turant humare pass aye aur hum aapki poori madad karenge.

If you have any questions to ask, then feel free to contact our Molvi Sahab. regarding it and get immediate solution for your exam related problems. Along with reciting this dua, also make sure that you study well for the exam.

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