wazifa for love marriage success

Wazifa For Love Marriage Success

Falling in love and then praying Allah Subhan Wa Taalah for love marriage is getting common these days. Most of the people in this generation prefer finding their own partners and going for love marriage only. Still, love marriages are not successful enough, most of the time family and communities separate the lovers and force them for arrange marriages. This is illegal in Islam; a man and a woman have complete right to choose the person they like for marriage.

If you love someone and you have a good interest in marrying that person and you are not involved in any zina practices then you have permission in Islam. You have all rights to find a good looking, virtuous and pious man or woman for yourself for nikah. If even you have found someone good for yourself but still your family or community is getting in your way then the wazifa for love marriage success can only help you.

Dua For Love Marriage Success

Yes, the wazifa success love marriage surah rahman for shadi can change the thinking and mind of your family so that they can get convince on their own for your marriage of choice. These Dua for love marriage success shouldn’t be treated like illogical practices, as they are extremely powerful and can also change the destiny of a person in few days. Many young girls and boys have practiced our told dua wazifa for success in love marriage and Masha Allah today they are spending happily married life with their spouses.

The success of our wazifa for love marriage 100% working has motivated us to share our knowledge about rohani wazifa and amals with you so that we can serve this ummah and make our brothers and sisters happy, Ameen. Our wazifa for love marriage is 100% working because they are important ayaats and amal taken from the holy book Quran and from the sunnahs of our beloved prophet Mohammad Sallalahu Aley Wa Sal Lam.

Surah Al Rahman Wazifa For Shadi

Surah Al Rahman Wazifa For Shadi

The Surah Al rehman wazifa for love marriage success is given below for you

Bis Millah Hir Rahma Nir Raheem

Ar Rahman ‘Al la mal Quran Khaalaaqal insan ‘Allama hul baian Ash sham su wal kamaru bihus ban Wann ajmu washsha jaaru yaasjudan Wasama’a raafa’aha waa waadal Mizan Alla tatghau fil mizan Waa aqeemul wazna bil kisti waa laa tukh seerul mizaan Wal ardaa wada haa lil anam Fihaa faaki hatun wan nakh lu zatul ak mam Wal habbuu zul aasfee war Rai hanu

Fabi ayi aala’i Rabbi kumaa tukaz ziban Khalaa qal insana min sal salin kal fakh khaar Waa khaa la qal jan mim marijim min nar Faabee ayi aala’i Rab biqumaa tukaz zibaan Rab bul mash riqay nee wa Rab bul magh ribayn Fabee ayyeee aala’i Rabbi qumaa tukaz zeeban Mara jal bah ray nee yalta qiyaan ayna huma bar zaakhul laa yabgheeyan

This is a powerful dua, you need to read it daily at least 3 times for next 7 days or you can also read the Surah Rahman daily once and request Allah for making your love marriage possible and successful. Insha Allah, in next 7 days, you will get good news. You must consider getting the permission of our molvi ji before starting this Surah rehman wazifa for love marriage success to avoid mistakes and unwanted resul

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