Wazifa For Love Of Husband and To Come Back

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Wazifa For Love Of Husband

A husband who is not fulfilling his duties towards her wife is not a good Shohar. Every man has certain responsibilities towards his wife and if he is not able to fulfill those duties then the wife has every right to complain. If you have already tried to confront or talk to your guy about his mistakes and faults and still there is no improvement in his behavior towards you, then you need to use the wazifa for husband love on him immediately. This wazifa will help you in improving your shohar instantly and in a permanent manner, Insha Allah. 

The relationship of marriage between a man and his wife is very sensitive therefore instant measures must be taken to solve problems between the two. The wazifa for husband is designed in such a manner that it targets the root cause of trouble between the couple. Once the root cause of separation between husband and wife is solved, you’ll find that slowly and gradually your relationship with your husband will improve on its own. 

Practice the given wazifa for love of husband below to create a stronger bond with your partner

  • On a suitable day, take out some free time. Make sure you are clean and have performed your ablution. 
  • Make some fresh halwa (whichever your husband likes the most)
  • Now, on a clean piece of paper write “BUDDUHU” and hide the chit inside the bowl of the halwa. 
  • Keep it there for at least two hours before you remove it to serve your husband. You can perform this wazifa for the love of husband every day or on a weekly basis till you get the satisfaction that your guy has come to the right path and behaves well with you. 

This wazifa will make add joy, understanding, and affection to your marriage if performed as told by our Molvi Ji. If you have any doubts you can reach us anytime. 

Wazifa For Husband Love and Attraction

This wazifa for husband love and attraction is also known as the couple’s wazifa for love. Any man or woman who is facing a lack of love from her partner can start this wazifa. If you feel that your husband doesn’t love you enough and this is happening as a symptom of black magic, then this is a very strong and effective wazifa in Islam to deal with such kinds of problems. 

Wazifa for husband love and attraction gain is given below – 

  • This wazifa can only be done by married women and only for their lawfully wedded husbands. 
  • Take two almonds and after performing the namaz of Esha; place both of them inside your mouth but do not eat or swallow them.
  • Keep it on the tongue don’t keep it under the tongue. Now, imagine the face of your husband in your mind and recite durood e pakk 11 times. 
  • After this recite this ayat from Quran – “wa al qaytu alayka mahabbaatann minneee waleetusnaa alaa ayneee” at least a hundred times. 
  • Now, take out the almonds and without cleaning them let them dry out and give it to your husband to eat. 
  • Every night for the next 21 days, you will have to practice this wazifa to add love in your relationship. 

It is very important to share love and affection with your partner. if a husband loves his wife, it makes her strong. So, if you wish to add tremendous love to the heart of your husband for yourself then practice this wazifa for the next 21 days without any mistakes. It’s best to consult our molvi Ji to practice correctly and to avoid unwanted results. Soon, Insha Allah, your husband will go crazy for you and you will get a chance to live a happy and joyful life with him. 

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Wazifa For Husband To Come Back

The love of a man in a wife’s life is of tremendous importance. It has the power to make and break a woman. A woman grows strong, confident, and positive if the husband is supportive of her. If a man loves his wife dearly, the woman feels beautiful from inside as well as outside. It is the most wonderful present for a lady to be married to a man who loves her the most. If you wish to have this beautiful ornament – (the love of the husband) for yourself then the wazifa for husband to come back is made for you. yes, any woman who desires to makes her shohar crazy for herself can use this wazifa from today only without making any further delays. 

How to practice the wazifa for husband to come back? 

  • You must perform this wazifa every Thursday night of An Islamic lunar calendar.
  • To start and end the wazifa for love of husband, you will have to recite Durood Shareef at least three times. 
  • Now, take three khajoor in your hand and recite Surah Kausar 121 times and blow your breath on the khajoors. 

You will ensure that your husband eat the khajoor. Insha Allah, very soon you will get the desired love of your husband in your life.

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