Wazifa And Prayer For Enemies To Leave Me Alone

When your enemy is not ready to give up the enmity, then your only solution is to stay alone and away from him. The prayer for enemies to leave me alone is given below –

  • In order to get rid of your enemy, take a hand full of dust from a place where the four directions coincide.
  • Recite Surah Feel continuously for 71 days, 71 times.
  • When you enchant the dua, burn black pepper and put something in your mouth like Neem leaves.
  • Once you’re done with the procedure, throw the dust in your enemy’s house.
  • In sha Allah, your enemy will leave you alone. He will not trouble you any further.
  • In case, you did not understand the amal well, speak to the astrologer instantly about it.

Prayer For Enemies To Leave Me Alone

Prayer For Enemies

When you’re in constant fight with your enemy, you do not have time for anyone and anything else. This disrupts your work, home and private life. You’re all the time thinking of your enemy. However, there is a point when you just want your enemy to leave your alone. You do not wish to fight them. Well, if you really wish to be left alone by your enemies and you do not want them to hurt you or harm you in any way, then you should recite prayer for enemies to leave me alone. The prayer will help you stay on a lower note and your enemy will not be able to trouble you again.


If your enemy is continuously and unnecessarily troubling you and he is not letting you live your life, then the right way to deal with him is to get rid of him or be left alone by him. Once you get rid of him in your life, you shall face no troubles from his side. It is very important that you recite the prayer for enemies to leave me alone. The dua is very effective and your best possible solution to stay away from the sight of your enemies.

Wazifa For Enemies To Leave Me Alone

When you recite the dua, your enemy shall stay away from you. You will be safe in the light of Allah (Subhan wa taalah) and your enemy will dare not hurt your or harm you in anyway. So, do not be scared and have complete faith in the wazifa for enemies to leave me alone. You can get the wazifa from an Islamic astrologer. The specialist holds the accurate knowledge of how to escape the trap of your enemy and be away from his thoughts and sight. He will help you stay safe and away from him.

For those people who face troubles from their enemy daily, the wazifa is the only way out to make an escape. Do not worry. The wazifa will provide you with desired results in just a few days and you will be able to have a life of your own. Just allow it to function and perform it with great caution and dedication. Have faith in it and you will see it doing the best for you.

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