Wazifa, Dua For Keep Enemies Away – Wazifa, Dua To Make Enemy Suffer

Your enemy stands to be one of your biggest problems in life. You face his tortures daily and fight him as he tries to harm your life in any way and on any chance he gets. He could be your enemy because of your business, relationships, happiness, jealousy or hatred.

Dua For Keep Enemies Away

However, for how long do you wish to fight your enemy? At some or the other point, you just wish to keep your enemies away and live a happy and peaceful life. Thus, you need to recite dua for keep enemies away. The dua will make your enemy suffer and they will stop interfering in your life.

Wazifa To Make Enemy Suffer

It is a proven dua to help you get rid of those people who wish to harm you. But you should only perform it if the person deserves it. You shouldn’t do it on anyone without any purpose. Often your enemy is determined to make you suffer and all he wants is to see you in loss. Well, if your enemy has such intentions for you, then you should also make him suffer. All you need to do is recite the wazifa to make enemy suffer and you will see that your enemy will be on your feet.

Dua To Make Enemy Suffer

For those people who enemies are torturing them or have captured their house or property and are not letting you live a peaceful life, you should recite dua to make enemy suffer. When they will suffer, they will fail to put anything on you and will always be involved in their own matter. If your enemy is speaking ill of you to your near and dear ones and you do not want him to talk about it, then you should recite wazifa to keep enemies away. The wazifa will help you get rid of such a person and your life will be hassle free.

Dua For Keep Enemies Away

Wazifa To Keep Enemies Away

The procedure to make enemy suffer is given below –

  • After performing the Namaz of Asr, you should perform this amal.
  • Recite Durood Shareef thrice in the beginning
  • Take 7 pieces of solid salt and recite Surah Asr 21 times.
  • Blow it on those 7 pieces.
  • Recite Durood Shareef thrice in the end.
  • Put these salt pieces in fire while taking the name of your enemy.
  • Performing it in the Asar hours will make it all the more effective.
  • In sha Allah, your enemy will stop harming you and he will go far away from your life.

Taweez To Keep Enemies Away

In case the amal doesn’t give you any result, then speak to the astrologer about it. He will guide you with another better amal to suit your condition. He will also provide you with taweez to keep enemies away. The taweez will work as your security and defend you from the malicious deeds of your enemy against you. So, just talk to the specialist about your problems and get the best possible solution to it. Have faith in Allah (SWT) and the astrologer. Indeed you will be bestowed with security and power to fight your enemy.

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