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Dua and Natural Home Remedies for Cold – Wazifa For Common Flu


One of the most common health issues that we face often in our life is common cold. Common cold is an infection in our respiratory tract because of viruses.  The medical science has still not been able to find a perfect cure for common cold but offers certain medicines to manage its symptoms. So, if you suffer with common cold very often then here’s a perfect rohani solution for you to kill this problem quickly – the dua and natural home remedies for cold.

Dua and Natural Home Remedies For Cold

In common cold, a patient may have to deal with cough, light fever, watery eyes, nose blockage or runny nose, etc. We all have been through and we know how tough it is to deal to common cold and how annoying it can be. It maybe a small sickness but the infection stays in your body for 4 days to 2 weeks. Yes, on request of our visitors, we have taken the issue of common cold into consideration and have found very strong and impactful dua and natural home remedies for cold given in Quran that in use from the times of Sahaba e kareem, MASHA ALLAH.

Nazla Zukam Ka Totka in Islam

Our Molvi Ji has discovered the most powerful dua to make common cold remedy work so that you can get rid of your cold infection without the need of antibiotics or any other medication. You may think that these nazla zukam ka totka gharelu nuskhe are illogical but we request our beloved Mommin brothers and sisters to try this totka once and see how quickly you may attain shifa from it. These nazla zukam ka totka gharelu nuskhe are Qurani solutions provided by our Alim sahib, they can never go wrong, INSHA ALLAH. All you need to do is to believe in its power and perform the totka in the rightful manner, as told by our Hafiz ji.

 Wazifa for Flu and Common Cold

There are many wonderful wazifa for flu and common cold given in Quran which one can use depending upon their situation. So, to know the best wazifa for flu and common cold for yourself or for near and dear ones, you need to email or call us, share your current situation with us and we shall guide you with the most appropriate wazifa for flu and common cold. To battle with common cold, flu and infection, you can recite this given dua to make common cold remedy work. It will add barkat to your natural remedies such as gargling, Tulsi tea, lemon tea, etc and very soon INSHA ALLAH, you receive shifa from ALLAH TAALA and you’ll be free from your common cold. 

The dua to make common cold remedy work


The dua to make common cold remedy work in Urdu or Arabic –

نِ الرَّحِيْمِ  الرَّحْمٰيَا الإكْرَامِ جَلاَلِ لْجَ يَا قَيُّوْمُ يَا حَيُّ يَا  لهِا بِسْمِ

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