Wazifa And Dua To Safeguard Faith And Purify Heart

Well, in today’s time when the satanic acts are quite in swing and people are committing a crime and illegal things one after the other. It gets very difficult for a Muslim to keep his faith intact and heart pure. For a Muslim to keep himself on the path of righteousness, it is very important that he remains self-aware, self-sufficient and self-confident. Having complete faith in Islam is the basic necessity to keep your heart pure. If you wish to walk stably on the path of Islam and to have good deeds in your A’amal Nama on the Day of Judgment, then you should recite the dua to safeguard faith and purify heart. When you recite the dua, you will see that your faith in your religion will get stronger and things will be better for you.

Dua To Safeguard Faith And Purify Heart

At times, you see that the world is so corrupt that even you have to be a part of it to play along. However, this is wrong. No matter what, you shouldn’t be a part of anything wrong. No matter it brings you loss in the world but at the end of the day, when the day of Judgment will come to your good deeds will only give good results to you and you will be privileged. Try to live on the righteous path of Islam and Hadith and Insha Allah, your faith will remain intact in your heart. The prayer to safeguard faith and purify heart will preserve your imaan and confidence in your religion and you will never get infected by any satanic activities in your life.

Prayer To Safeguard Faith And Purify Heart

“Ya Muqallibal- Qulubi, Thabit Qalbi’ Ala Deenik”

The Dua In Arabic Is Mentioned Here:

“يا مقلب الكلوب ، ثابتي قلبي علاء علي دينك”

You should recite this above-mentioned wazifa to safeguard faith and purify heart as much as possible. Whenever you will recite it Allah (SWT) will enlighten your faith and you will experience a new vibration of faith and righteousness in your heart. You will experience a flush of good feelings and purity in you. There is no one who can move you from this path of goodness. When you live life on the sunnah of our beloved Mohammad (SAW) (PBUH) then nothing can go wrong in your life. Even if someone tries to allure you or divert you from this right path, your heart will never agree for it. There will be no place for satan to enter your life.

Wazifa To Safeguard Faith And Purify Heart

So, do not worry. And, if you wish to have a good A’amal Naama on the Day of Judgment, then the best way is to keep yourself pure and safeguard your faith. With faith in Islam, you can never go wrong in any worldly affair. It will keep you safe even in the world. So, why not opt for a good way and live life in the way Allah (SWT) wants us to live. Try it out and in case you need any kind of guidance, suggestion or help, you can speak to our Molvi Ji who is available round the clock. He will provide you with the best possible solution. So, speak to him now and live your life on Islamic principles.

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